4 Occasions Perfect to Celebrate with Cigars


Cigars are traditionally used to celebrate special events in many different cultures and communities. There are several different occasions that you may wish to celebrate by smoking a cigar or giving one as a gift. Cigars can be found on any budget and for any taste. Even if you do not smoke cigars, you can hold onto them as special memorabilia items associated with important moments in your life. Smoking cigars with friends or family members is an excellent way to celebrate and to bond while sharing fond memories and sentiments.

  1. Baptisms/ Christening

The baptism/ christening day for a new baby is commonly celebrated with cigar smoking. It is an excellent gift idea to give a cigar to the father of the newly christened baby. You can also gift a cigar to the godfather of the newly christened child. After the ceremony takes place in the church, there may be a party and potluck meal at the family home. Outdoors and away from the child, some family members may choose to bond and celebrate while smoking cigars.

  1. Engagement

When attending a bachelor party or engagement party, you may wish to bring along at least a few good quality cigars. A cigar is an excellent gift for a newly engaged or newly married man. Groomsmen may wish to bond the night before the wedding by smoking some cigars together in a casino, in a bar, in a lounge, or at home. After an engagement or wedding is announced, friends and family members of the groom may also wish to celebrate by breaking out some cigars. For an occasion like this, a splurge purchase can be made without any guilt. After all, a marriage is a major happening in any person’s life.

  1. Birth of a New Baby

When a new baby is born, many people have adopted the tradition of gifting and smoking cigars. This is another occasion when you may wish to splurge on a high end cigar, as any new baby is worthy of major celebration. Even if you are unable to smoke a cigar because you are wrapped up with childcare and other duties, it makes a fond reminder of that day. If you do have a free moment, you may wish to celebrate with parents, siblings, friends, or coworkers by bonding over a few cigars.

  1. Father’s Day

If you are not sure what to give as a Father’s Day gift for your parent, sibling, friend, or other loved one, you may want to consider giving cigars as a gift. Cigars are a traditionally mature, masculine gift item and no man has too many cigars. Many recipients will be grateful and flattered upon unwrapping a new cigar as a gift for Father’s Day. It is also thoughtful to allow the fathers in your life to take some time aside to bond and enjoy cigars together to celebrate the holiday.

Cigars are the perfect way to celebrate all of these occasions and more. Whether you are giving one as a gift or enjoying a few with friends or family, cigars make for a special and unique way to bond and celebrate.

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