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Barn doors vs Traditional Doors: what to choose?

Barn doors

Many house owners choose unusual home decor and install barn doors. It is believed that they are much more attractive than classic options. Their design looks very aesthetically pleasing, harmoniously combined with other decorative elements. With the help of such a model, you can carry out remodelling of the house and make the rooms more spacious. Choose sliding barn doors, thanks to which the free space of the room will not be occupied during the opening of the doors.

You can find various fittings that will be the best decoration to a beautiful and stylish door. If your goal is to sell the house, installing such items will greatly increase the interest of buyers. And if you want to diversify the design, the doors will be a great “highlight”. The decoration goes well with hi-tech or loft style. If the room has the appropriate decor elements, you will get a harmonious and stylish home, where it will be a real pleasure to spend time in.

Features and advantages of traditional doors

Classic models are installed in every apartment. They complement the interior well and look great regardless of the style of your home. You can order a model made of any material, from natural wood to more budget options. Glass inserts or carved details are used as decorative elements.

When choosing a regular swing door, you need to take into account the characteristics of the room in which it will be installed. If the model will be installed in a bathroom, you need to choose a material that doesn’t absorb moisture. So you get rid of the problem of swelling or deformation of the coating. The door will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

A solid wooden model can be installed in a living room and a bedroom. The advantages of traditional doors are that they reliably protect against heat loss and have good sound insulation properties.

Features and pros of sliding barn doors

Pros of barn doors with the possibility of sliding into a niche in the wall include:

  • significant saving of useful space;
  • interior transformation in any style;
  • high level of usability.

Such doors will grab the attention of your guests. They perfectly complement country, modern or high-tech decor. You will notice how much brighter the interior looks.

Wooden barn doors look very elegant. They are durable and reliable, they will protect your room from prying eyes. The design is rarely complemented by glass inserts and looks rougher than a regular door, but this also makes it more attractive. More and more house owners are striving to replace classic doors with sliding ones.

Despite the large weight of the door wing, it easily moves along the guides. Even a kid can open a heavy door, since high-quality fittings greatly facilitate the construction.

You can choose a model that uses a special soft close technology. It is suitable for homes with children. The kid will not be able to shut the door on their fingers and be injured if they play near the new door.

Instead of conclusions

Each model has a number of advantages that make it even more attractive to customers. Pay attention to the style of your interior and buy a suitable barn door instead of traditional door. The door should be functional enough to fully meet your needs. If you want to leave as much free space as possible, choose a model that, after opening, hides in a niche in the wall. In other cases, you can opt for the swing model.

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