How To Look After Your Baby On A Disneyland Trip

Look After Baby On Disneyland Trip

Kids love Disneyland, don’t they? Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all the other characters of Disneyland, the castles, the rides, and the feeling of magic in the air. All these things make Disneyland a wonderful place to take kids. That said, all parents worry about making sure that their children are well looked after and remain safe throughout their trip to Disneyland.

Pack Ahead

Sometimes, it rains. After an afternoon trip to Frozen Ever After, the last thing you want is for your baby to get soaked by Florida’s showers. You should pack extra diapers and clothes in your diaper bag before you leave for Disneyland’s theme parks. If you need to clean them, there are laundry machines at every Disney Resort Hotel, you can pay to use with coins or an ATM card.

Try and think about all the things that you regularly need to look after your child and pack them. Things like drinks or formula, snacks, baby wipes, small toys and special lovvies, should be packed ahead. Take these with you in your diaper bag so your baby has them near when they need anything. If you forget something, you can always go to a Baby Care Centre in the park you’re visiting.

Kids sometimes have trouble adjusting to sleeping in a new place. A noise machine or sleep app with white noise or relaxing music, can help calm your kids and help them fall into a relaxing and peaceful sleep.

All theme parks have a mask policy. If your child is 2 years old and above, they must wear some kind of facial covering, regardless of their vaccine status. This is a result of Covid-19. Parents will be held responsible if their child is not wearing a mask. Toddlers often struggle with mask-wearing so try and get a mask that has their favourite characters on it and practice wearing the mask at home.

Visit Baby Friendly Attractions

There are over 100 attractions aimed at preschoolers and babies at Walt Disney World alone. You can try It’s a Small World, the Mad Tea Party, or my personal favorite, the Magic Kingdom. I recommend you start with the Magic Kingdom. Disneyland is an amazing, huge place and seeing everything in the Magic Kingdom alone can take as much as two days, so it’s best to start with the best attraction around before you get to other parks. The Magic Kingdom has the most to offer for preschoolers and babies.

Remember that for your baby, a week is a very long time. Try and keep your trip to DIsneyland down to three to four nights. See the trip through your baby’s eyes and do stuff that children their age love to do. If you want to create beautiful memories for your child, you have to make sure you do stuff they will like.

Avoid Crowds

Inside the Magic provides great tips on how you can avoid crowds. Avoiding crowds will allow you to navigate through Disneyland much more easily, more safely and with far less stress.

Grab your Silver Cross strollers and head to Disneyland with your baby! Have a great time!

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