Rumors and allegations that Bill and Hillary Clinton belong to a high-level pedophile ring have surfaced on the Internet. Without much credence or proof behind the claims, I initially dismissed them. The rumors only persisted and grew and now Steve Pieczenik has now come forward with stunning claims that add fuel to this fire.

Pieczenik served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger is well-versed in foreign policy, international crisis management, and psychological warfare. He also served under presidential administrations as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush’s White House.

In other words Steve Pieczenik — with his proven history of experience — is the real deal.

Pieczenik claims that the Clintons and their close associates have successfully pulled off a coup via corruption.

He explains that total corruption and co-option were the two strategies behind this coup. Pieczenik says Bill and Hillary Clinton co-opted many central facets of our government — the White House, the judiciary, the CIA, the FBI.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch seems to be in the pocket of the Clintons, intervening and obstructing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s private server and e-mails at every turn. James Comey, who was on the board of directors at HSBC bank, a bank that gave $81 million to the Clinton Foundation, is also the current head of the FBI.

Pieczenik goes further to explain that the U.S. Intelligence community has started a counter-coup against the Clintons, providing information to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

We can finally stop blaming Russians. Pieczenik states clearly that US intelligence offered data to Julian Assange. This counter-coup is working against Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Steve Pieczenik ends the video and tells us “the second American revolution” is happening.

Pieczenik claims both Clintons are frequent travelers on the Lolita Express — billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. The Lolita Express flies to Epstein’s private island where the elite duo can ‘have sex with minors’ says Pieczenik. He claims the NYPD has a record of the Clintons and close associates that could potentially implicate them in pedophilia.

Pieczenik tells that officials will charge Hillary Clinton with multiple crimes including obstruction of justice and other charges. He says that Bill Clinton may also suffer criminal charges. He explains the US Intelligence is aware of Clinton’s shady and illicit misdeeds and that these trips on the Lolita Express were supposedly frequent.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • Mela

    Holy Shit, Batman!

  • politically incorrect


    • Doc

      Casteate Nazis and leave their dicks dangling on bridges

  • Littleredtop

    If this is true and this guy isn’t some hack actor, Thank God!

    • Mela

      No he’s for real.

      • JZ

        This was copied from Wikipedia re Pieczenik. He’s a pschychiatrist and knows exactly how to play mind games with people using his vast writing skills. He acts like a narcissist that needs to keep himself front and center of all the attention by stirring more controversy & smearing those that dared to disagree with him. I’m wondering if this is the case here since he was removed from the Council on Foreign Relations between October & November of 2012 and has resorted to his U-Tube broadcasts to payback those that removed him from his esteemed positions.

        This information is available in Wikipedia in his bio:

        “As recently as October 6, 2012, Pieczenik was listed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).[21] According to Internet Archive, his name was removed from the CFR roster sometime between October 6 and November 18, 2012.[22] Publicly, Pieczenik no longer appears as a member of the CFR.[23]


        In 1992, Pieczenik told Newsday that in his professional opinion, President Bush[clarification needed] was “clinically depressed”. As a result, he was brought up on an ethics charge before the American Psychiatric Association and reprimanded. He subsequently quit the APA.[4]

        He calls himself a “maverick troublemaker. You make your own rules. You pay the consequences.”[4]

        The role he played in the negotiations to bring about the release of Aldo Moro, an Italian politician kidnapped by the Red Brigades, is fraught with controversy.[citation needed]

        On May 3, 2011, radio host Alex Jones aired an interview in which Pieczenik claimed that Osama bin Laden had died of Marfan syndrome in 2001 shortly after the September 11 attacks, and that the attacks on the United States on 9/11 were part of a false flag operation by entities within the American government, the Israeli leadership and Mossad.[31]

        On October 20, 2011 in an interview with Alex Jones, Pieczenik claimed that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was alive, and said, “There’s no way they killed Muammar Gaddafi, that’s not our operating mode and I’ve been involved in 30 years with the takeouts and regime changes.” He also criticized President Barack Obama, calling him an “obsessional pathological liar”.[32][33]

        On November 1, 2016, Pieczenik announced on his youtube channel that Hillary and Bill Clinton “effected a silent civilian coup through corruption and coaptation. However, people in the intelligence community formally initiated a countercoup through supplying information to Julian Assange and Wikileaks in order to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming the next president of the United States, while also convicting and indicting President Obama, Loretta Lynch, and all others who were implicit in the cover-up of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation.” [34]”

    • Nonna98

      I can tell you for a FACT that Dr. Pieczenik is for real. What we have been experiencing is Kabuki Theater and the curtain is about to be drawn on it. If you are a spiritual person please do what millions of others have been doing for 3 decades……Pray for our nation.

      • Littleredtop

        I am, I have and it hasn’t helped. Everything is totally out of control from spending to immigration.

        • bc

          Hey…sometimes, when it looks like everything is blowing up, God is actually rebuilding things !

          • Littleredtop

            with filthy disease ridden illegals…….

          • bc

            R U serious ?

          • Littleredtop

            yes I am. Don’t you think they’re filthy trash? Are you not aware of the disease they carry and now spread throughout our population. Bed bugs are now officially out of control and can not be exterminated with the products allowed here. Head lice are beyond epidemic and like the bed bugs, not treatable with current legal products. TB is back and growing, as is polio. The list is endless and includes STDs that we have never even heard of here. YES, I am serious and this can not be God’s way of rebuilding things.

          • bc

            Sure, they’re filthy trash, but it seemed U were disagreeing with me that sometimes when we think things are falling apart all around us, God is actually doing a mighty rebuilding project. He works in mysterious ways.

          • Littleredtop

            I don’t believe that God will rebuild America with filthy trash.

          • bc

            Trump will take the trash out !

          • Littleredtop

            To the curb with all illegals.

        • Nonna98

          I agree with you and for that very reason that EVERYTHING is out of control is the EXACT reason why we need President-elect Trump. Who else would do this this job for free?

          • Littleredtop

            Only a true patriot with America first in mind. However, even he must be reminded at all times to put America first. Isn’t it about time for an “America First” movement of some kind? I see protest rallies, hats, t-shirts, flags, banners, jewelry, bumper stickers, coffee mugs etc all across America and who in their right mind could take issue with America First as a slogan for all Americans?

          • Nonna98

            Those who are Soros’ puppets and the uneducated who follow them.

      • Littleredtop

        I know Pieczenik is for real but is this really Pieczenik?

        • JC

          Yeah, it’s really him. He kept his face hidden from the public for years for the security of his job… because of all the spy stuff he does. He revealed his face for the 1st time in years just to speak to the American people.

        • sayitaintso

          Yes, he looks just like his younger pictures I have seen of him.

        • Nonna98

          Yes it is.

    • bc

      Do your research..he’s no hack

      • Littleredtop

        I can’t verify that the guy in the movie is the guy we think it is. Google photos don’t even come close to matching with the guy in the film.

        • Jack Frost ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          I’ve heard his voice plenty of times…………its him……

          • sayitaintso


        • sayitaintso


        • Gail

          You can go to Alex Jones You tube Channel and find many recent interviews with Steve Pieczenik. Compare the voice.

        • Ballard Kurt

          It’s Steve Pieczenik for certain, and you can rest assured he has the utmost integrity, straight shooting, American patriot. I’ve listened to Mr. Pieczenik speak hundreds of times, for at least 10 years, maybe 15, it’s him guaranteed. Don’t quote me on this but I don’t believe he has shown his face in public for 20-25 years. Understandably so being the person in command of U.S./CIA psychological warfare operations. I can only imagine what the knows.

          • Littleredtop

            apparently Google has engineered his existence out of their database because all I get is some back football coach and a guy who was just arrested for sex crimes. Google is part of the MSM who are on the attack.

        • bc

          Dude, it’s Steve Pieczenik. U might want to go get you some help.

  • Randy Russell

    This is the biggest story in our nation’s history if true. It sure answers a lot of questions. Digital patriots and God bless them and God bless the United States.

    • Michelle Castañeda
      • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

        That story you linked to has absolutely nothing to do with the point of the article on this page. lol Dumbass.

        • Jane Forbes

          I can understand you pointing that out. Although that article does confirm how corrupt the Clintons and their DNC is but why must you add an insult? When you say crap like that you just give liberals their excuse to call us haters. Just because you or the internet where no one can see you and you are not using your name, shouldn’t you show decency. Or are you like that all the time, with everyone?

          • Wonder why she provided the link, though? It’s dated Nov. 1st, which is ancient these days. lol Believe me, you are hearing from the vetter of ALL vetters. I HATE being wrong on anything political. Have chewed out many a person on Facebook for posting garbage (which is usually started by demon libs). Getting harder every day to find the truth, though, which has been the intent of lib elites for ages, now.

          • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

            No, just on the internet. I hide behind my keyboard and say awful things to people just because I can. I have a very low self esteem and hate myself, and therefore project my own self-hatred onto others in the form of disgustingly offensive comments that demean and crush them. In so doing, I actually try to push the envelope in saying the most unbelievable, off the wall, vile, vitriolic sh!t around. It’s fun; I enjoy it thoroughly. And if I ever figure out where I can find you, I will soak your head in this bucket of your mother’s menstrual bilge I’ve got over here.

          • Jane Forbes

            You sound like a liberal, no human decency at at. Why would you be in possession of anything from my mother that has been dead for 30 years? You like stuff like that, its obvious. GROW UP and join the human race!

          • Pedro


        • Keith fritz

          Well thank god someone had the courage to sign their name. Thank you Dumbass

        • Yeah Lib. Jane Forbes is right. You succeeded in humiliating yourself, and worse, you do not even know it.

          • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

            Shut your corn hole, RACIST!

          • Pedro

            Trolling again?

        • Orbit Websig

          Dude ~ why did you have to call the guy a Dumbass? She did nothing to you? Lighten Up!

          • Steve Olin

            Dudes….we need to stop the name calling and unite behind a solid leader. I’m an old dude and I remember when Americans worked together to achieve something, anything, better. We all need to start pushing the wagon in the same direction.

          • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

            I agree. I’m giving up my internet trolling days and moving over to the side of good, for the good of my country. I’m sorry for my hateful, evil comments, people. Please forgive me.

          • Steve Olin

            That good stuff was always in your heart anyway.

          • Pedro

            Aye, aye, comrade.

          • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

            He/She? WHAT???

      • MKE

        Share this EVERYWHERE. In addition to Projectveritasaction.com, there is SO much evidence against her. Also, they have admitted to leaking the info so STOP BLAMING THE RUSSIANS. These brave men and women are risking their careers to stand up to corruption. With such mounting evidence, what will it take to get her out of this race?

      • ShepDog100

        And Obama too. For treason against the United States. Did you hear the whole tape? All of them are. Lock, stock, and barrel.

        • Steve Olin

          I do not “get” the animosity within other comments.

    • MKE

      Share this EVERYWHERE. In addition to Projectveritasaction.com, there is SO much evidence of corruption against her. Also, they have admitted to leaking the info so STOP BLAMING THE RUSSIANS. These brave men and women are risking their careers to stand up to corruption. With such mounting evidence, what will it take to get her out of this race?

      • ShepDog100

        As I see it she is so overconfident as a narcissist is that she will hang herself. Go ahead Hillary. Save the taxpayers th money of a trial

        • MKE

          I want video evidence. I also do not want her to take the easy way out.

          • ShepDog100

            I agree MKE. They might get a dummy or a look alike as far as we know to do it.

        • BGenie

          She won’t hang herself, she doesn’t need to, she has too many friends in the middle east who will give her asylum.

          • Steve Olin

            With friends like her’s in the middle east she would be further ahead to repent and ask for the firing squad. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f21a89754f42f3dbbe9bea11aa6cc1510bbeb0de587765f30ff8aeaa6c9d363.jpg

          • Steve Olin

            I’d like to see a Seal team surround George Soros’ apartment skyscraper in NYC and capture him as an enemy agent. Nap his son also. Collect all the paper and hard drives. Then have a Nuremberg style trial including Soros, his son and several thousand criminals who tried to take away our Constitution.

          • Pedro

            Bravo, Steve.

        • Anon ymous

          She’ll fly to Qatar on election night after she officially loses the POTUS Election so to avoid trial and justice and also where $1.8 Billion is awaiting her that she transferred recently from the Clinton Foundation.

          • Betty Pringle

            Nothing the corrupt Clinton’s do would surprise me. If she loses the election, the Secret Service or the FBI better nab both of them. How much evidence is it going to take to bring the Clinton’s to Justice. Jesus, my God, come on here.11/4/16

          • Steve Olin

            If I were in her shoes that is what I would do. On 2nd thought I might just give myself up for a just hanging. Can anyone imagine killing that many children in Haiti alone and still walk upright?

          • Pedro

            She never lost any sleep over any of her misdeeds and never will. Satanic witches never do.

          • Pedro

            The fish rots from the head…she is surrounded by her own type of people, power hungry narcissists.

          • Vankjell

            She didn’t fly 🙂

      • Pedro

        There are a number of qualified people in our country who could solve Killary for good. From a good long distance.

        • MKE

          And a line would form to do so.

    • Janine Burke

      The biggest story should be how did the American people even allow
      someone on the ballot who blatantly goes against our Constitution. Doesn’t anyone
      remember her and Janet Reno, the package deal we got with the last Clinton Administration?
      Did we forget about the Americans who were given a death sentence
      without due process in WACO (including over 20 children!)? I watched in horror and kept asking “How can our government do that? Can our government do that?!”

      WAKE UP AMERICA! Don’t find yourself asking the question; “Who will be next?”!

      • BGenie

        The water protectors at Red Rock are ‘next’… currently under assault while protesting the DAPL whose permits were illegally obtained.

        • Grace

          That is not the way I heard of it. I heard the Souix Nation and the actual property owners had been in negotiations for over 3 years and the water is nowhere near in danger. It is outside agitators who are coming in trying to block it.

          • BGenie

            I think you need to do some more reading then.

          • Pedro

            Paid provocateurs anyone?

          • JZ

            Additionally, the Souix Nation obtains their water from other sources, not the Missouri, also DAPL will not cross any land or water that belongs to them. They usually work lucrative deals on lines that traverse their lands and this one didn’t work out that way for them because it’s on privately owned land. ACOE approved the pipeline access several years ago. Outside agitators will run up huge legal bills for taxpayers to foot and have their day in the limelight but it will be in vain. BTW, I am a supporter of American Indians, but disagree with them on this action.

        • Steve Olin

          The protestors look pretty much non-violent to me.

      • JZ

        Janine Burke There were more than ample warnings, repeatedly given for several days to the residents of WACO TX, to remove the women and children before they did what had to be done to stop that lunatic cult leader from doing more harm. People need to stop twisting and fabricating the facts.

        • JohnGreg

          Of course, JZ! When you’ve got a lunatic cult leader doing harm to kids (but he’s friends with the local sheriff, the group has a decent reputation with the neighbors, and he does business in town every day), the RIGHT thing to do is NOT to simply nab & arrest the man while he’s alone in town. The RIGHT thing to do, the civil thing to do, is to organize an expensive heavily armed horde to go out and surround the innocents, cut off their electricity & water, shoot their pets, and terrorize man, woman & child for weeks. You know, like BURN those kids to death to save them from that awful man. I mean you gotta MANIFEST that love & concern. And while you’re doing it, make sure & keep the media miles away. Bring in former felons as counselors, to tap the depths of their wisdom in human relations. Contravening the law, sick your most heartless trained killers on your own citizens–after all, who cares about law, when law & order is your mandate? Oh, and don’t forget to bulldoze everything flat & cover your deeds with concrete & raise your goddamn flag over the place when you’re done. Clearly, the top law enforcement officers of the country know that is the right way to deal with a crime scene. (Also, ensure the record shows that YOU were the victim, NOT those burned weirdos.) It’s obvious–all of this was the RIGHT way to serve justice to those misfits!

          • Steve Olin

            Looks like the order to pull down the walls and flame the building was Killary Clinton’s. I do not understand why it takes so much muscle and combat gear to confront We The People. No violence. Peace. And we need to be more respectful of each other’s beliefs, customs, and laws. Why the heavy hands on citizens?

          • Pedro

            If you are not willing to die for what you believe, then you do not really believe.

          • Pedro

            Now, JohnGreg, when you are trying to take over the country and scare the hell out of ordinary citizens you have to incinerate a few “useless eaters”. It works, doesn’t it?

        • Pedro

          There is a book out there for you, JZ. It is by a survivor of the “government”/terrorists who incinerated your fellow citizens. Read his account and then come back to us with your impressions.

          • JZ

            Yes, Pedro, what is the title of the book you reference? During those years my news source was mostly PBS (local newspaper was one-sided). So I see comments that indicate I really missed some important facts on Waco. In time, I will check this out.

      • Steve Olin

        I woke up when I viewed the bodies of American Citizens ground up into pieces of meat. An armored tracked vehicle had ran over dead or nearly dead Americans in the compound, or a church. Church’s are now-a days compounds when the Clintons are after you.

      • Pedro

        Janine, have you looked at our populace lately? They have the attention span of a gnat. They are plugged into a lot of things but reasoning is not their strong suit. You may be giving the average American too much credit.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      The biggest story? How about government involvement of the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11? That doesn’t count?

      • Steve Olin

        Maybe Bush and Cheney are next after Killary. Bush refers to Killary as his sister-in-law and Bush’s mama calls B.J. Clinton her “fourth son”. Shocks the heck out of me. My paradigm has shifted significantly. HOW ABOUT SOME NUREMBERG TRIALS, AMERICAN STYLE.

        • Pedro

          You would not want that. A Soviet-style show trial? I would settle for a Common Law court with some nooses dangling outside the window of the court room.

  • Thomas D. Plorable ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    hope he’s got some good suicide insurance

  • Thomas D. Plorable ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Phase 3 ?

  • Deplorable Trader

    Cuban born Russian Jew that was close to Asaad’s father? The plot thickens with each new story. How well does he know red brigades?

    • Catholicon

      good stuff….

  • Sam Adams

    Without proof, without prosecution… This is going nowhere… Unfortunately. Only a few days before the election… We need a graphic stake through the heart of the Clintons to wrap this thing up.

  • Justan American

    Nothing new there are videos on Youtube by women who were forced in to performing sex acts on her.

  • Colleen Pater


    • Jane Genzler

      lol keep dreaming your screaming keeps your first female president (( cough )) safe darlin’

      • Colleen Pater

        lol im way farther right than any trumpster alt reich. in fact pretty clear ive enjoyed his show but reality is hes a buffoon , sure we held out hope his billions were proof he had smarts but the debates showed his jews must make all the money for him. so when he get in he representing non liberals and he will make us all look as stupid as he is. hes done his job kristahlknahct the overton windows exposed the cuck gop time to put him to pasture and let her hold the bag come collapse day

  • Galt

    I have to believe what I initially thought a year ago.
    Given the hatred between Bill and Barack, this is a set up of epic proportions. The set up was confirmed, in my mind, when Josh Earnest said today that he thought Comey was a good and honorable man, and was doing the right thing.

  • patricia hayes

    Unbelievable that the U.S.A. has fallen so far. We Have a corrupt government. I believe these things against the Clintons, obama, lynch and comey.

    • Steve Thompson

      Yes, indeed. That said, it is not “new”. Look up George H.W. Bush and The Franklin Savings and Loans Scandal. Quite disturbing.

  • Nonna98

    Thank you for exposing the truth and helping to save our nation and Constitution.

    • Steve Olin


  • Deplorable Richard Lee

    I had (and likely many others) theorized the leaked data (before Podesta leaks) going into WikiLeaks, was coming from someone inside the USGov, or the Clinton cartel.
    These amazing Podesta email leaks might be coming from an insider, but they could just as easily be coming from some White Hat hacker, using simple “spear phishing”.. See below.

    It this point in time, 1 week to go, it doesn’t make sense that CIA or FBI leakers would be just leaking out Podesta’s emails and not anything incriminating, written by Hillary and Obama, from Hillary’s homemade mail server. These Podesta leaks seem like they might be too little too late.. 30 million people have already voted.. It will be up to 50 million before the 8th.. The Podesta leaks might not be enough or fast enough to be effective..

    This looks like it might have been how the hack was done.. There are about a million people who could have done this..

  • chrysostomos

    FYI Comey was appointed to HSBC BoD to make sure they complied with Justice Dept. recommendations:

    “He was also appointed to the board of directors of the London-based financial institution HSBC Holdings,[31] to improve the company’s compliance program after its $1.9 billion settlement with the Justice Department for failing to comply with basic due diligence requirements for money laundering regarding Mexican drug cartels and terrorism financing.”

    • Benjamin Peters

      I want to hope that Comey is actually a solid dude who has just had to bury himself in shady people to keep an eye on them. I’m rooting for him to turn out to be the hero we need.

  • John

    Thank God for some brave and honest people who have had enough (like so many of us) have taken the stand that they have. Even now, it’s too late for the leadership to cover this up or turn it around. There is too much already known and too many good people working on it. God Bless Them and we need to keep them in prayer as they uncover this pit of hell.

  • Steve

    This guy is one of Hillary’s deplorables.

  • Voltaire403

    Gonna get worse before it gets better…

    • localnet

      Front page of Drudge, the coup video…

      • bwgirl

        Alex Jones had it too!

  • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

    I’ll believe it when I see it. And I won’t see it; Nor will anyone else. Conspiracy theorists/planters love to talk, but they never deliver. How is it that nobody ever notices this fact?? Not a single thing like this eer comes true. And yet people still thirst to believe.

  • The Bohemian Romantic

    Ever since I read this earlier I’ve been trying to research and confirm for myself. i have it on solid personal assurance from someone who’d know that it is definitely real. Thank you for posting this. I am optimistic for the first time since I can recall. God’s Peace <

    • Donna Gibson Hughes

      This must phase 3 that wikileaks was talking about

    • Robin Martz

      OH from YOUR mouth to Gods EARS! I have been praying non stop, I mean all day under my breath and I have been trying to get people to LISTEN. Obama is HORRIBLE and needs to be stopped! Hitlery needs to go to JAIL. I just could not figure out why Obama is doing all these strange things. Now I know why!

    • Bob Moon

      Awesome! I’m convinced this is true! Thanks very much, Mr. Anonymous internet typist.

  • Fred Jones

    Hope this gets legs if it’s true. They need to be tried for treason and sedition. Then, summarily executed.

    • CharlieWalksonWater

      they should have a fair trial.

      then hang them

      • MKE

        They are too dangerous to have a trial. They’d rig that anyways. They can wiggle out of anything.

        • Pedro

          Could she wiggle out of a large projectile flying at her head?

      • ShepDog100

        No they shouldn’t. Were they ever fair to the American people? If you disagreed with them were they ever fair? Were they ever fair to the women Bill Clinton raped?

        • Pedro

          And all the unborn children poisoned, torn apart or partially delivered and then murdered by so-called health care providers in their mother’s wombs? Was that fair?

    • bwgirl

      I hope it’s true too!

      But THIS I know is true, I just never saw it all put together this way!
      Anonymous Release Bone-Chilling video of Huma Abedin every American Needs to See

      • Steve Bartnes

        Has anyone seen Huma Abadin lately, do you suppose she is still alive.

        • Sup?

          Yes she is alive, on camera leaving her home this morning.

          • GlobalGreen

            That’s a little creepy. Get out of her bushes…

          • Sup?

            Sorry but it’s on the news.

        • bwgirl

          Haven’t seen her since the 650K emails were discovered.

    • don moss

      or do what Ford did for Nixon…

    • ShepDog100

      Treason and sedition not only against the United States government (they let this happen!) but We the People!

  • Carolyn Mac

    Thank GOD! Now we can safely bring Adolph Hitler Jr. to power, kill or deport everyone who isn’t white, turn every female in the country into the whores that we ALL know women really are–even the ones in diapers, and quickly turn this country into a dictatorship ruled by Russia. I am SO relieved! I can hardly wait to watch our Dear Leader Donald Trump anally rape his daughter Ivanka on national TV!

    • Benjamin Peters

      We could have had Bernie Sanders instead, if so many pathetic muppets hadn’t gone along with the corruption of the DNC and supported the Clinton Coup.

      You people have no one to blame but yourselves and the failure of your integrity.

      • Liberals Are RACISTS & HATERS

        Trump would’ve kicked ass all over ANYONE who ran.
        “President Trump” – Get Used To It!

    • Ben Browning

      What a statement Carolyn! Exaggerating much? Deport everyone who isn’t white??? rape his daughter???

    • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      You’re Sick, get help

    • maheo793

      Good God. Get laid or something suitable to that same end. Or at least put down the chronic. The holes in your brain are showing.

    • JC

      No, you’re confusing reality with your beloved Fifty Shades of Grey books/movies. The stuff you just described only happens in democratic women’s ‘romance’ books.

    • GMan_X

      Thoughts turned to words this nasty could only be spoken from the most vile of Hillary supporters. You are a disgusting creature and I feel for those forced to endure the shame of having to be anywhere near you.

  • Sofa King Tired Of Libs

    Why did I have to search for this? It should be plastered everywhere.
    I hope it explodes in the media by morning.

    • usafaith

      It is headlined on Drudge.

      • IH8Lies

        Where on Drudge?
        I don’t see it.

        • sayitaintso

          Gov”t Insider helping Assange . Click the exact headline one of many under Hillary picture

          • IH8Lies


  • JoAnne Cooper

    Thank you Steve, for standing up and telling the truth. How brave you are. The truth shall set us free.

  • the_old_islander

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that Donald Trump was also a reputed frequent Lolita Express flyer, and on Dec 16 this year, hearings begin on suit filed against him by a woman who was 13 when he had his way with her there.

    Since Trump can’t win the Presidency without a miracle, wouldn’t it be interesting if *all* of this were true and indictments happened real quick… and suddenly the USA was stuck with Tim f*cking KAINE for President?

    I would laugh long, loud and lustily… I mean really: people said Justin Trudeau was in way over his head. How about Tim Kaine in the Oval office? BWAAAAAhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

    • Johnny Newman

      Trump is winning!! Keep living in your fantasy world…+5 LA Times poll, even ABC poll has Trump up +1…hes up in early voting…Kaine got a whole 30 people at his rally in West Palm Beaxh and cancelled in Sarasota the next day after the embarassing turnout…get a clue! #MAGA #TrumpTrain

      • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        ABC poll gave Hillary a 10 Point head start too. 38% DEMS AND 28% REP.

      • the_old_islander

        Trump is temporarily ahead … in popular vote only … in one national poll. The EC numbers are so overwhelmingly in Clinton’s favor that it would take a near-miracle (lots of faithless electors going against their oaths would certainly qualify) to prevent her taking the election.

        I’m so disgusted by the candidates on both sides that I’m almost hoping they *are* both indicted and the USA *is* stuck with Kaine for 4 years. Would look just about right and maybe force a few tens of millions of voters to both pay better attention *and* look long and hard in the mirror for once.

        • Johnny Newman

          Trump is up in Florida, up in Ohio, now up in North Carolina, and hes targetting PA, NM, and MI expanding the map now to flip blue states. Hillary is essentially trying to shadow Trump’s schedule, too bad she has no stamina and Trump does 3 rallies a day to her 1! #MAGA #Trump45 #DrainTheSwamp #AmericaFIRST

        • Celeste Lovett

          The only reason she’s ahead is due to “Magic Fraction” (look it up). She is wickedly evil to the rotten core, unlike any before. For some unknown reason, beyond me, many eyes have been blinded and deceived.

    • JC

      Sorry, but that FALSE ACCUSATION against Trump was already DEBUNKED & found unsubstantial … The anti-Trump media & Hillary camp won’t even touch it because it’s more damaging to Clinton than Trump…

      1. Trump’s name was NEVER found on ANY flight log with Epstein nor has he ever visited “Lolita Island”… BUT… Bill Clinton’s name was… 26 times… Trump only knows of Epstein through 1 business dealing in NY.

      2. Epstein was convicted of raping that 13 year old in ’08. She NEVER once accused Trump then… she ONLY went after Epstein… her TRUE RAPIST.

      3. This case against Trump was 1st filed back in the spring ’16 (coinciding with his presidential campaign) … with the woman’s real name… a donation from the Clinton Foundation was traced to her bank account. Her lawsuit was thrown out 2 times… then a woman under the anonymous name of ‘Jane Doe’ filed the same suit a few months later… conveniently erasing all traces to the Clinton Foundation.. along with all Google searches on articles reporting it.

      4. The accuser – whose home went to forecloser – got this lawsuit thrown out 2 times already. She now can’t get a lawyer to represent her. This 12/16 court date is just a date to have her case ‘looked at’. It will get thrown like the other 2 times.

      • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        Good Job. I Hate these Lying POS Lefties.

      • the_old_islander

        We’ll see. At the moment, that lawsuit (valid or bogus) is already more concrete than anything “publicly known” about Clinton in regard to Epstein’s parties.

        I don’t have a dog in this fight: I think both candidates are absolute poison and I’m amazed that anyone in America would ever vote either of them into any office anywhere.

      • the_old_islander

        Oh, and you’re completely wrong about 2) … Epstein’s only conviction was for felony solicitation of prostitution from minors.

        About 3), 4)? the current “Jane Doe’s” suit was’t thrown out… it wasn’t even fully examined because it was first filed in a court with no jurisdiction to hear it… which is why it’s under consideration in the present court.

        • JC

          Epstein was charged with those… among other things… related to the 13 year… BUT TRUMP WAS NOT CHARGED WITH ANYTHING… He wasn’t even implicated at the time.

          I never said the ‘Jane Doe’ case was thrown out… YET… but it will be… & it’s NOT true that it was filed in the ‘wrong jurisdiction’ (pfft)… the ‘Kate’ lady who filed the case didn’t pay her lawyer, so neither she nor her lawyer showed up… so it was thrown out….

    • Shaudi Sardi

      ….nothing funny here masochist… your mental instability exhibits itself in feigned glee.
      You should be put somewhere for observation… where you’re obvious psychopathic tendencies don’t harm nor disrupt the sincere desires and intentions of the sane.

      • the_old_islander

        Nothing psychopathic here either… I just don’t have a dog in this pit, so I take Carlin’s viewpoint: since I’m not participating, I get to watch and be entertained without investment in the show.

        • Shaudi Sardi

          A most pathetic human being… “..I’m not participating..” ??… as you write your expressions of deranged laughter toward concerned people in the middle of national crisis? … a pathological liar too by evidence standards, where your caustic comments appear here on this site. …and yes, something psychopathic and pathetic in the tones of “I get to watch and be entertained..” …small and deranged mentality… There’s no “investment in the show” because, inside you, you are morally bankrupt and feeding off of the horrors of surrounding people. Why don’t you go hoe the radishes then, or something.

          Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists – Jennifer Golbeck, Ph.D.
          “..evidence that linked trolling with the “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism.

          “Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun … and the Internet is their playground!”

          • the_old_islander

            Ah. You’ve mistaken me again. I have no investment in the show because I’m not American and have no right to vote in your elections.

          • Shaudi Sardi

            I’ve made no mistake in the assessment, nor the content of my posts. Maybe you should read them again. They contained no specificity to your physical location, but to your mental one.
            Your participation throughout this site evinces living proof that a valuable tool under the control of a mind and hands of closet sadists can prove to be detriMENTAL… like using a power drill to drive nails in a 2 x 4. There seems to be no responsible, prerequisite test to owning a computer and having an internet connection.
            The message I would convey to any other alien that contacts me, with request to assume a position of influence in my life is, “No, send pictures of home and 10 verifiable character references first!”
            So do everyone a favor and take up a hobby outdoors, where you can get some oxygen to your head.

          • 80Demons

            You display the characteristics of said troll from your previous rant.

          • Shaudi Sardi

            You mis-characterize the use of both “troll” and “rant”… you add nothing of value…

          • 80Demons

            Oh, I’m not here to add value. I’m just here to point out that you’re a fuckwit.

          • Shaudi Sardi

            Coming from someone with such a command of the language and personality traits proves my point… lame! What are you 3? …worthless eater.

          • 80Demons

            And you continue to prove my point. Carry on.

          • the_old_islander

            My mental location is something you’re qualified to assess with a clinical diagnosis? I actually know it pretty intimately – even in the clinical sense… and while I have my little neurotic quirks like absolutely everyone does, I’ve been told by one psychiatrist friend that I have “an astonishing talent for mental health”.

            I’ve owned a computer of one sort or another for the past 36 years without interruption, and I’ve been doing online discussion (either as participant, as moderator, or as owner of a pre-internet international network node) since 1986.

            As for that “hobby outdoors”… I live in Vancouver BC, and I regularly take advantage of local fresh air and relative wilderness with relaxing photo-taking walks through mountain country that’s only a 25 minute public-transit ride from my front door.

  • Jewfro

    This guy has more legitimate credentials than all the rest of the media combined. His word is good enough for me.

    • conbabe

      A real Mensch a good Jew.

  • Connie Dodson

    No one mentioned Comey was the HSBC China group Director. I read Clinton Foundation got him that job. Did he coordinate China manipulation of currency, in particular the value of currency for China.

    Obama gave the appointment to FBI Director, in July. Comey went to the FBI Director appointment in December.

    I am not in intelligence community.

    I read it at Facebook, and I looked at Google HSBC Comey to find out what Directorship Comey had at HSBC. It was China group.

    These people are appointees.

    The judiciary appointees include federal judges.

    The White House has a spreadsheet of all Obama appointees at White House dot gov I downloaded.

    I did not see Obama’s czars, or specific organizations like C.A.I.R. and sensitive placement of Islamists.

    Perhaps the state government appointments are handled by cronies in state government, like Kaine in Virginia appointing avowed radical Shari’a Islamist.

    It is deliberate. It is sedition.

  • Johnny Goldwater

    Been waiting for Pieczenik to emerge with some big info since Friday, but this was 50x what I expected.

    Bravo Steve, you and your compatriots from the halls of gov’t are coming to the rescue of the Republic right in time!

  • dust man


    • Joel Tompkins

      Don’t forget about the rest of us we didn’t take the oath but we love this country just as much.

    • Steve Olin

      It is not time for guns yet. This is a peaceful counter coup that is apparently under way. Think about this: In America the most vile thing to do is hurt a child. When a child is raped it destroys the victim in many ways, mostly mental. Sometimes it destroys the child’s future and self-esteem. Some recover. Many do not. FIRST THE LAW BOLSTERED BY THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA WILL MAKE THESE BASTARDS PAY. THEN GOD WILL MAKE THEM PAY AND PAY AMD PAY. IN FACT THESE TWISTED CRIMINALS ARE ALREADY PAYING. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. FRIEND, HERO, DUST MAN, DO NOT WORRY. HILLARY AND HER CABAL ARE PAYING NOW. DID YOU SEE HILLARY LATELY IN THE NEWS? DOES SHE LOOK HAPPY? HILLARY AND HER CABAL ARE IN HELL NOW. THEY ARE ALREADY PAYING AND THIS IS STILL EARLY IN THE “TRIAL”.
      So think peace and non-violence. We The People need not soil our hands with their blood. You and Julian are of the same ilk, of the same grit…heroes.

  • get help

    BREAKING BOMBSHELL ! FBI NYPD INSIDERS LEAK – Ema…: http://youtu.be/os4S–dRB-U

  • Celeste Lovett

    Thank you Mr. Steve P.! What amazing, hope-filled news! This is a great historical and pivotal moment of celebration for rescuing American Freedoms from the beast of tyranny and oppression that seeks only to enslave and abuse. Thank all for setting the spark, planting the seed, and nurturing its roots up to this moment in time. Now, freedom loving Americans must join in to rebuild what has been stripped away from our nation and stolen and destroyed from American lives such as wealth, dignity, self-respect, and independance. CPR for the heart of America is just what the doctor ordered for such a time as this!!!!

    • bwgirl

      If it is true! I’m hoping it is!

  • Elizabeth Starr Benefield

    Go to Wikipedia and read the entire biography of Jeffrey Epstein and his political friends, lawyers, donors, actors, directors, financiers, famous lawyers, foreign dignitaries, even our illustrustrios President Bill Clinton having sex or rather RAPE with underage children, before you get too hopeful. Donald Trump is involved in this man’s alleged crimes and as late as 2016 was name in a lawsuit for a rape of a 13 year old girl for which he allegedly paid for an abortion. OF COURSE THEY ALL DENY THE CHARGES AND EITHER PAY FINES OR GET OFF. except Rpstein who serves 18 months, a light sentence for Florida. This disappoints me greatly and I hope it is not true. If you are a person of morals and principles, it will disturb you to know how far reaching this corruption and immorality tied to money and greed…pay for play actually goes in our country. Politics is dirty. And I am sick of all of it. We have two presidential candidates running for office who do no deserve to be dog catchers, what does that say about our country and our morals as people? I am ashamed before Our Creator God.

    • Joe LaPorte

      Vote Gary Johnson!

  • Jbi295

    What about Huma Abedin and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood ? Any emails about that??

  • Steve

    This comes out with only 3 days left in the week before the country likely elects Clinton and puts that bunch in charge for 8 years??

    I’m not buying it. If this were true, it should and WOULD have happened weeks ago. Podesta’s hacked/phished gmail account is the only leak. Where was this “counter-coup” in July? Where are the others on the inside?

    The clock has run out unless you have something significant and indisputable to lay out either today or tomorrow.

  • RamingtonStall

    Finally someone who has spoken out to restore the faith of WeThePeople that our Government may not be totally Corrupt! Thank you Dr. Steve Pieczenik for giving us this glimmer of hope!

  • Axel Beddis

    Where is Phase Three? Where are Hillary’s emails? I’m so tired of all these people coming out with big-time hype but no delivery! Regated is A+ level reporting – keep it up. Let’s just hope some of these clowns come out and prove me otherwise.

  • ck

    This is wonderful. Please don’t let this be a joke.

  • typingggurl

    They project what they do on their enemies and Trump is their enemy. I will be happy if both of them die in jail.

  • don moss

    Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon…..How better for Obama to protect his legacy than by pardoning Clinton? If hillary loses, it would keep Trump from prosecuting her and if she wins, it would stop the GOP from doing what they say they will do…shut down the government for 4 years with endless hearings and witch hunts..

    • the_old_islander

      Obama can’t pardon Clinton for anything. There’s still been no conviction (or even criminal charge) of anything, and even if they do happen at some point, neither is going to happen (if ever) before Obama leaves office on Jan 20 anyhow.

      • don moss

        Nixon was pardoned ‘for what he may have done!

        • the_old_islander

          Hmmm… yes, he was. He’d already “served” as President several years by then, he and Ford were Republicans, and it was quid-pro-quo for FORD’s turn to be the incoming President.

          Do you really think such a pardon would come from an *outgoing* Democratic President in such completely opposite circumstances?

          • don moss
          • the_old_islander

            While theoretically possible… its only effect on future assessment of Obama (except perhaps among the most rabid Dem tribalists… identical to Trump’s most blind and deluded partisans in everything but affiliation) would be to utterly destroy what little positive legacy he’s managed to claw out of 8 years of opposition obstruction.

            You can do better than that.

          • don moss

            It is intriguing and would insure that at least some of his legacy would remain intact ( if Hillary wins)..I am grabbing some popcorn and a beverage of choice and we shall see!

          • the_old_islander

            Careful with the popcorn talk. I’ve been outed as a psychopath by an armchair Disqus-shrink for calling this whole debacle “entertainment”. 🙂

          • don moss

            I will join you, no problem! It IS entertainment. fascinating to watch the political world of egos clash….When someone tells me to go to hell, i just remind myself that i do NOT have to go…haha

    • Dianne De Sarno

      How would it keep Trump from prosecuting her if she doesn’t win?

  • Maury Grimm

    Excellent! I am a reformed two-time Obama voter as well and, having served in the Intel community as a Naval Officer, I am very very very very angry at the corruption we now know exists at the highest levels.

  • the_old_islander

    Pieczenik? Oh, puh-LEEZ.

    Judge the source and know thine enema:

    (Enema? I dunno. Does having smoke blown up your ass qualify as colonic irrigation?)

  • Giorgos Christian

    Soros the lizard owns artillery killary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATgLwSCrjUk

  • Jen Magnus

    THis makes sense, as crazy as it is.

  • ron44

    This ring is Jeffrey Epsteins doing and includes many Hollywood celebrities in the know in that town. Epstein would film then black mail his guests. Hollywood wants Hillary elected to cover up for them.

    • brad

      It goes way deeper than that. Clinton has colluded to rig the elections and many other trreasonous activities over the years.

  • brad

    Let us hope it doesn’t stop with the Democratic neocons nand also they go after the Republican neocons who are just as dirty and just as big of a bunch of criminals… HINT… all those Republicans who are voting for Clinton, Bushs, McCain, Graham, Ryan- ETC. ETC. ETC. The Rats nest or corporate USA needs to be cleaned out.

  • Jim Borasa

    Hillary trying to deflect the news of Sex Scandals now surfacing with emails and video proof.

    “If “Hillary” is elected, who else will be in the White House with her?
    The Ultimate Womanizer and Abuser of Women – her husband, Bill Clinton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashland

    This is Divine Intervention. The prayers of millions have gone up… God will wipe these felons out of our Government.

  • Debbie

    Stay safe Sir. People who cross the Clinton’s have a way of disappearing or dyeing.

  • Ed

    This guy is the real deal. Hopefully we will be able to clean up the Clinton, Obama et al mess.

  • Danon McMahan

    Strange, he worked for Kissinger who is a special friend and confident/advsor for HRC, very strange, I just can’t wrap my head around Hillary being a pedofile, not believable at all, Bill is believable.

  • Mark

    We must do everything we can and spread this info through every social media outlet we can.

  • Sam

    “Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter…”

    A man who can’t stand by his own principles lacks judgment and conviction. It doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum you stand but owe up on your beliefs or you are twice the hypocrite and twice the fool.

  • jose

    I told you so corruption at its best.not voting for either party but finally people’s eyes are opening to reality only God can help us no such thing as a true religion only believe in the one and only true god bless america.

  • Ezekiel Newdawn

    “If you want to learn about someones values, look at how they have lived their lives.”

    If you have not seen this, YOU NEED TO.

  • Jimmy Davis

    Say Hillary wins Tuesday,what happens if they bust her between then and January or they bust her after taking office.Who takes over as Preisdent or maybe even replace her as the Dem nominee before the election?

  • Kurt King

    On July 8, 2003, an article was published, by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting,
    elections investigator and author of Black Box Voting – Ballot Tampering in the 21st
    Century, stating that Johns Hopkins and Rice University technologists had discovered secret “back doors” in the Diebold GEMS software source code (which
    accounts for the tabulation of 50% of America’s votes) by which votes could be changed, in real time, by remote, during America’s elections. [ bushstole04 dot
    com/hackingelections/national_ballot_integrity.htm ]

    Now Harris is talking about GEMS, (Global Election Management System)
    being able to have final vote percentages for any or all ballot races for
    all jurisdictions, for all different types of ballots (regular, early, mail, etc.) supplied by
    one or more voting contractors and, based of all votes being stored as fractions, it will scale the resulting vote distribution to those percents. And, of course, hide the fractional votes. [jonrappoport dot wordpress dot com/2016/11/02/election-fraud-beware-of-early-network-projections-next-tuesday/] [ blackboxvoting dot org/fraction-magic-1/ ]

    Jim Stone has captured and published today under the heading “BUSTED,
    the current FINAL voting results for next week’s election. Hillary is credited with 42% vs. 40 of the popular vote and 342 vs. 195 electoral votes – which is also 42%; such a coincidence!. ( 82 dot 221 dot 129 dot 208/basepaget3.html ) [in each pseudo-link replace each ” dot ” with “.” (no quotes)] Her credit is obviously built on fraud and theft.

    Remember that her own polls taken by Benenson Strategy Group on 9/30, 10/7, and 10/13 showed her firm support falling from 33, 21, to 13% (10% down each
    week). (See it at 82 dot 221 dot 129 dot 208/basepageo6.html under the heading RED ALERT: IT IS HAPPENING NOW” as “SEE THIS” (firesign3.gif magnify page 2). ) With the Wiener laptop Clinton email trove having become public since then –
    courtesy of the NYPD, she’s probably in the lower single digits. Really! Accept nothing more!

    We must stop the use of fractional voting (GEMS) software immediately –
    because its results can always show she wins 51 to 49.

  • M Green

    I have no idea what “revolution” Steve is talking about, let alone what Clinton “coup” initially took place on the internet. If Steve has the Mossad tapes of Bill Clinton fucking a 14-year old who, as an adult, is not suing him, he should not be shy about saying so. Good for him if he does! I certainly hope he does. But otherwise, he seems to be blowing smoke up our hats. Aside from the WSJ–Ruppert hates Clinton–the msm remain absolutely solidly in the pockets of the Clinton and the voter-riggers, Rove & Co., have switched to her side in support of the neocon march to confrontation and threats of war with Russia.

  • Jonathan Kool-Gajda

    Any concrete evidence? And I mean from credible sources and journalists? Not just some random writing on the internet.

  • mentalalchemist

    Get this news out… BREAKING: COUP IN USA copy/paste/share

  • Geena Davidovna


  • Steve Olin

    Some of the negative comments sound like a dis-information campaign supporting Hillary Clinton. Most of the negative comments seem orchestrated to me. This man is intelligent, and he outlines https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e31aa22faa40ddb9fd63427e2faa7c63da007caf9304997e61f13711706ab9e6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1d4f8c4e0d367e6d6a19d5849b570048e384e622e8e21f810f274cd25adb7a2.jpg a peaceful coup. So what’s the problem?

  • Betty Pringle


  • StSonny

    I didn’t see or hear anything of substance in the video about the Clinton coup. Just vague accusations. This guy seems to be full of hot air to me.

    If any of it is true it’s scarier than hell that the spooks have just taken over our political system. Kind of like what happened in Turkey.

  • StSonny

    I find it difficult to believe the unsubstantiated accusations about the Clintons. This sounds like a bunch of hot air to me. And if the ‘intelligence community’ did do such a thing, then I’m doubly horrified. It just verifies what I’ve been thinking about this whole election cycle.That is that its one big social media experiment to see how much they (the powers that be) can manipulate the American people.

    How is this any better than what’s going on in Turkey? A group of people taking matters into their own hands to make decisions for other people. Is this ‘intelligence community’ the arm of our oligarch’s?

    Show me something that really substantiates the accusations being made. It not its just another conspiracy story. A good one for a Clancy novel or the X-Files.

    “Being There”… Now they have another idiot that they can control, like Reagan and Bush. Apparently they don’t like when there is a President that they can’t control.

  • guidecca

    If you believe either of the Clinton”s are even capable of sexual arousal or physical orgasm I’ve got a bridge to sell you. One foot on a banana and one foot in the grave – I hope.

  • Husky mom

    Listened & read … you people need help. This s such BS, if you believe this, I’ve got a lake for sale.