Using the IDEO Design Concept in Schools in Bangkok

IDEO Design Concept in Schools

If you want to inspire your child to learn, it helps to introduce a creative design in the
learning environment that will promote new ideas and student participation. This type of
design concept uses creative activities to encourage student collaboration and to solve

Every Student Is Creative

When an IDEO school design in Bangkok is featured, it fosters the belief that every student is
creative when it comes to understanding the world. This type of design connects everyone
to learning in an innovative, unique way.
A flexibility in education spaces supports a full range of learning and training including
individual projects and team-based approaches. When a school designs and builds an
ecosystem of spaces and structures that are interdependent and interconnected, everything
comes together more easily. Loops in the design blend with the campus landscape, which
helps teachers and students communicate in a more inviting learning environment.

World-Class, First-Rate Facilities

This futuristic campus in Bangkok with its one-of-a-kind looped builds permits agility and
innovation for everyone involved. When your child is involved in learning in this way, he or
she has access to facilities that are world-class, if not first-rate. For instance, athletic facilities
in the design often include an Olympic sized pool, a monolithic gym and fitness center, and a
full-size grass soccer pitch. Tennis courts and basketball courts are included in the mix.
Also, specialist learning facilities make it possible for students to enjoy learning in rooms
such as a multimedia suite, dance studio, band room, game design studio, and science lab.
Visual arts studios, maker labs, and fabrication studios support a student’s artistic

A Limitless Source of Fun and Innovation

Community facilities include a parents’ lounge and co-working space, medical clinic, and full-
service cafeteria and dining facility. When you incorporate an IDEO design into a school in
Bangkok, learning becomes a once-in-a-lifetime, limitless source of fun. By adding the right
design elements, students are more likely to ask questions, investigate the world around
them, and find unique opportunities. You do not have this type of latitude when innovation
is not built into a school’s curriculum.

How You Can Make School More Interesting for Your Child

What do you want to do for your child? How can you make his or her academic experience
more meaningful? When choosing a school, look at its layout physically and educationally.
That way, you will be assured that your child has every advantage both academically and
The idea behind “IDEO” learning is to establish a school curriculum where students prosper
academically but also reflect an inner confidence based on their culture and personality. This

way, they can connect with adults and children with increased confidence. They will also
develop the mindset needed to help them take this learning journey.
Give Your Child a Competitive Edge Academically and Personally
When you have students in an educational program that help children be the best they can
be, they will eventually find their personal callings and passions that will give them the belief
they need to positively impact the world now as well as when they are older.

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