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Easy Ways To Preserve Your Plumbing Fixtures At Home

Plumbing Fixtures At Home

The year is ending, how’s your home plumbing system?

We often forget this important part of our residential property until a stressful problem arises. Usually, these plumbing issues cannot wait and they need to be solve immediately to avoid any hassle that it may bring. That is the case with our plumbing system simply because we are usually not interested with this topic. But imagine the huge hassle that it will bring to us when a plumbing problem suddenly surprise us, such as pipe burst or a clogged toilet bowl.

In this post, we’re going to give you simple tips on how to preserve and maintain your plumbing fixtures to avoid the hassle of an emergency plumbing problem.

Be observant

There are so many observable signs of an impending trouble in our water supply system. For example, when you start hearing a disturbing sound from your water heater that you were not hearing before, that could be a sign of a malfunctioning water hater component. Puddles and even drops of water or a moisture buildup within the area around your pipes are warnings of a developing pipe breakage. If you are more observant of the condition of your plumbing fixtures and the areas around them, you can easily identify is a plumbing repair is needed.

Be mindful of your plumbing updates

Speaking of plumbing repair, it is important to take note of the date when you replaced a plumbing fitting, replaced a faucet, hired a professional for help with leaking pipe repair, and just about any time that you do a plumbing update. This will give you a timeline as to when you will replace the fixture next.

Some plumbing fixtures like pipes, toilet bowls, and water heater can last for up to one decade or more. So if some issues suddenly prop up and you have a record of when you last replaced them, you can easily determine if your fixture is too old and you’ll have to replace it.

Effective drain cover

We usually don’t pay attention to the kind of drain cover that we put in the sink. For us, any type or material that fits well in the drain in terms of the size. But what we fail to realize is a low-quality drain cover made out of a cheap material will just slip away every time there’s a surge of water. When the drain cover slips away and gets displaced from its position, it will not serve its purpose and the particles will just come down straight to the drain pipes.

Regular cleaning

There is no better way to preserve our plumbing fixtures for a long time than by doing a regular cleaning in our home. You can clean the sink once a week to remove the grease and oil around the drain. You can clean the floor trap in your shower area to remove strands of hair that can cause clogging. You can also flush your water heater with a descaling agent to keep the minerals out of your fixture.

Biannual inspection

Lastly, practice due diligence by having your whole plumbing system inspected by PUB-licensed Singapore plumbers. They are the ones who can tell if you need a repair or replacement job for your plumbing system.

Experts advise that plumbing inspections are best done two times a year because of the changes in the weather and the season within a year. These weather changes, especially extreme natural phenomena, can affect the plumbing fittings and the whole plumbing structure of a home without the owner even noticing it. That’s why it will be better to have a professional inspect if some damage or breakage happened in your plumbing system.

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