Smart Storage: How Technology Can Help Improve The Services

Smart Storage

In the modern era, every other factor is aligning with technology to attain exceptional advantages. Be it a complex NASA deep-space rocket or a simple baby sock. It is leveraging technology to become smart. Yes, smart enough to share information automatically over a network. Get detailed information about the benefits of advancement in digital technology, on this website:

Indeed, the world has billions of smart devices that are facilitating tasks, offering convenience to people. Besides various businesses, the self-storage industry is superficially benefitting from smart technology through contactless rentals. Especially in this pandemic, these industries are bringing in more tenants hence generating revenue while avoiding physical interactions at the same time.

Regardless of the location of the building, a storage facility is well-graded according to its level of convenience. Undeniably, contactless rentals use an exclusive combination of smart technologies to provide a better customer experience and facilities to their clients. For a better understanding, you can look at the list below to discover how technology can assist in the success of contactless rentals that won’t be possible either way.

Automated Kiosks – Enhancing Business Availability:

Would you prefer a meeting with the owner or discussing the details over your smartphone as a tenant? Certainly, you would go with the second option as it is more convenient.

At present, call center services, automated kiosks, and online renting services are trending. As for having a storage unit on rent, people prefer to access the necessary details and get the whole process finalized online. The respective tech solutions have lowered the workload of the employees while being cost-efficient. On the other hand, your customers won’t be bothered by that “closed” tag on your office door. Instead, they can access control storage details 24/7 through call center services and get their smart storage units booked.

Smart Storage Units with Digital Keys:

Adding the word “smart” to storage units has resulted in a massive shift in the owner’s and renters’ management requirements. Unlike the traditional storage units that were padlock-secured or a disc lock, smart storage units have a lock that you can manage by a shareable digital key. While being wireless and cloud-based, these smart locks eliminate the need for physical existence for locking or unlocking the storage units. So, you won’t need to go back to ensure if the door is protected or not.

Surprisingly, the smart storage units can monitor and sense the presence of motion and heat inside and outside them. It eventually proves to be of great help in acknowledging any suspicious acts around the storage units.

Smart Lighting – Energy-Efficient Tech Solution:

How would you feel watching the lights activating while you enter the building, walk through the hallway and reach the storage units? Indeed, the brighter the place, the more secure it feels. And what would be better than implementing energy-efficient lights that are smart enough to collect data based on motion triggers and energy use? Indeed, the smart lights, when integrated with the smart storage units, provide an ultimate rental experience to both the tenants and the managers.

Undeniably, similar to the smart storage units, these smart lights can get automated remotely. Moreover, it would be best to implement them along with the access tools and security systems.

Smart Entry System:

Imagine you booked a storage unit and arrived at the main gate. Damn! You forgot the code to unlock the gate. Well, it isn’t a big deal when you have a smart gate and entry system. Consequently, via Bluetooth technology, the door will be wide open, and you’ll get to enter inside simply through a Bluetooth connection. This technology has proven to be highly convenient for the tenants.

However, the smart gate brings even more benefits for the managers. It can assess the motion and body heat around it. All actions get recorded 24/7, and it sends a notification to the owners if any activity takes place after hours. Moreover, the managers can create customized access permissions for the maintenance workers as well as the tenants.  

Smartphones – Initiating Contactless Rentals:

When “contactless rentals” put an end to physical interaction, it points to the need for virtual interaction that is only possible via smartphones. Indeed, a smartphone is highly essential to maintain a connection with other smart technologies. Be it through an app, Bluetooth connection, or web portal; it won’t be wrong to consider that it initiates the process of contactless rentals.

So, if you have your smartphone, neither you need to remember codes, operate the light switches, nor step down from your vehicle to open the gate. Indeed, everything is a tap away! Hence, your smartphone is an inspiration to other smart tech tools that are together helping in the smart execution of operations.

Eventually, the increasing smartness attracts more tenants while allowing the owners to fine-tune their rates and generate more profit.

Responsive Website or Mobile App:

Your business must be accessible via a smartphone. That means that it would be best to have a responsive business website that works well on your smartphone or a mobile app that fulfills the same purpose. If you lack this, your business won’t be considered smart. And you must know that being “smart” is the new trend.

Suppose you are a tenant; the mobile apps will compile all the tasks in one place for you. The easy app installations bring various benefits to the fore, such as accessing account information, ordering supplies, paying rent, etc. Moreover, you can quickly review your lease from the app. Along with that, it lets the owners send push notifications or any updates to the tenants efficiently.


At present, businesses with smart tech solutions are getting preferred over the ones that implement traditional strategies. On the other hand, every other person is short on time to carry out the essential tasks. Hence, each of them would like to opt for task automation over manually executed plans. Undeniably, it would be best to integrate the smart storage units with smart lighting and a smart entry system to provide an exceptional rental experience. At the same time, the “if” logic has proven to provide even better results. For instance, if the smart entry system detects access, motion activity is recorded by the smart lights as well. Learn more about various types of technology based services that you can get in affordable prices, on this website:

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