6 Best Things You Must Do on Photo App Instagram to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Photo App Instagram

Instagram is a popular visual app with a flourishing community look for stunning photos and videos. It means you have a huge audience to target if you are contemplating promoting your brand and products or services using this platform. If you would like to make your mark as a brand on the social media landscape and garner more likes and followers, Instagram is your best bet.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, there are multiple ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram. You need to be social on Instagram, communicate with the users, and walk the extra mile to build on followers and engagement.

Then, you might be wondering what content to post on Instagram and what ideas to implement to gain more followers and likes in less time. Fret not. Here are some of the best things you can do to boost your marketing efforts on Instagram:

  1. Share image collages

Did you know many active Instagrammers post stunning photo collages to take their Instagram engagement to the next level? When you have a brand to manage, you can make the most out of IG’s intrinsic collage maker or for that matter, a third-party application to pick out numerous photos and integrate them into one. A collage tool condenses several pictures into one Instagram post.

You might be wondering why use collages and not single photos. Sometimes, brands need to tell an engaging story through collages, and this is the perfect way to do so for more likes, followers, and engagement. Instead of uploading every picture individually, merge all the images to show different scenarios of a relevant event. Try to use the collage tool of Instagram and you will benefit from the same.

  1. Share time-lapse video content

Instagram comes with a standalone application for iPhone users, known as Hyperlapse. It lets Instagrammers film high-resolution, time-lapse video content on Instagram. You might be wondering what a time-lapse video is. Well, let us explain. These are video content that one can speed up to see in a short period. You will also third-party applications for Android that perform the same function.

You know that the attention span of online audiences is short. A visitor online will not spend more than 1-2 seconds when viewing a video and then immediately he or she moves on to view another content. That is why time-lapse videos are beneficial because they provide a way to pique the attention of viewers successfully and at the same time ensuring more footage on the visual app Instagram.

  1. Use the right hashtags in the captions segment of IG

You know your Instagram posts will not gain much visibility without the use of appropriate hashtags. These hashtags are like keywords to help users find specific content that they like to view. These hashtags help in filtering the results depending on phrases or keywords used categorically.

Instagrammers look for hashtags most of the time. Therefore, if your business has appealing images or videos related to your products, you need to include a couple of related hashtags to your Instagram posts for maximum visibility. It is one of the best ways to buy followers for Instagram as well as build user engagement.

  1. Upload IG content at the right time

It is true indeed that people keep looking at their smartphones; however, there is something called optimal time and better days of a week to upload Instagram content. If you like to see your posts gain maximum traction as well as engagement, you must focus on when you would like to share your posts on Instagram.

Some businesses keep an eye on social media traffic and report what is happening, what are the trends for every platform. Therefore, you need to figure out when your Instagram audience is most active on the platform so that they like and follow your posts. You need to stay aware of the latest IG trends, as they keep changing every year.

For example, if you are targeting the US audience, you need to post content in the morning when Americans check their social apps after waking up first thing in the morning. You may also post during lunch hours and never during peak business hours. That is because people will not have the time to look through IG posts when they are busy at their place of work. It is as simple as that.

  1. Edit the image captions

You post photos and videos of the best quality on Instagram. That is a great thing to do. Then, how often take the time to tweak or edit the captions to make them more engaging and relevant to the captions? It might be months since you did not edit the captions. Previously, if there were mistakes in the captions, you needed to delete the post and re-post the same with the modified caption. Now, IG lets you edit the captions and so, you do not need to delete entire posts.

When you have the perfect, catchy captions, and relevant to the content, it shows that you care about Instagram posts. You are not posting just for the heck of it. You may also include or delete hashtags, or even tag other Instagrammers in your posts so that they can see what you share on this social app.

  1. Stay aware of the latest Instagram trends

When Instagram was new, people used filters to make their posts more appealing or different, or even to add a vintage touch to the content. These days, the use of filters is not the same as it used to be even a couple of years back. You will find new trends like posting content in landscape or portrait form or even shooting using a high-end DSLR camera to upload high-definition content. Then, high-end smartphones come with advanced cameras to post stunning content.

You need to stay aware of the trends; else, your Instagram posts will not garner the desired likes and followers. The engagement level will suffer.


Use these ideas to post the best content and make your Instagram marketing pop. All you need is a few basic photography skills to make your images and videos stand out from the rest.

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