Man Camps vs. Hotel Stays: Which Option Is Better?

Hotel Stays

Every business has challenges to meet to grow and achieve its milestones. It may vary broadly from one organization to another, but the basics would remain the same. It’s about having adequate capital, a dependable workforce, a viable business plan, and a reasonable budget. It also includes a strategy to stand the competition and a digital presence. In addition to all the features, a company would direly need lodging. Without it, it would not be able to make progress in any sphere of the business.

Let us understand why it is so important. Every organization needs its projects to complete seamlessly and on time. To do that, they require an effective system of housing for the employees at the project site. With an onsite project, things may be more straightforward and doable without accommodation, to an extent. But with the offsite projects, an organization must avail every option that it could. If it fails to accommodate the employees, the project will not be able to sustain itself. It is because of the critical component missing from the picture.

In this regard, businesses are witnessing a shift from the conventional means of housing. They have been contemplating viable solutions in the long-term. Their focus is on cost-effectiveness and hassle-free arrangements. In simpler words, they like to opt for setups that they can quickly avail and leave. They are prone to choose an option that is more project-based and staff-savvy. They manage to get these features in man camp housing on a long-term basis.

But a significant competitor to man camp in terms of housing is a hotel stay. It has been an option of preference for almost every organization around the globe. But, which one is better? That is what we will discuss in this article. Let’s look at the man camps vs. hotel stays right away to know which one is the best.


Convenience is the most significant factor in any housing solution. It tops our list whenever we require a housing solution. If we look at it from the perspective of any hotel stay, we find comfortable options. Every hotel follows the standard of providing solace. So much so that there are no parallels to it as compared to any other arrangement.

But thinking about it from a project’s point of view, a man camp will bring even a greater level of comfort. It gets built around the idea of a studio apartment. So it functions as a makeshift arrangement ideal for businesses.


Affordability is another major factor to consider when we are looking to lodge the workforce. If we talk about it from an organization’s perspective, then cost-effectiveness shouldn’t surpass comfort. But practically speaking, many businesses may overlook the latter part.

If you are genuinely concerned about your budget and don’t want any debt, you would like to opt for the man camp. It is only because a hotel will take away a significant chunk of your budget regardless of its cost-effectiveness. And looking at the project budget, it would be best to choose the man camp for your needs.

Site Safety

Safety is another major issue concerning project managers and housing needs. If we look at the current scenario, it is immensely important to ensure safety for all. In a hotel, it is necessary to protect from infectious diseases, such as the corona-virus. While in any man camp, safety protocols are predefined, thus being a preferred solution.


One factor some of us may overlook while seeking housing is safety and security. In this respect, both solutions may offer the same answer. A hotel has experienced and trained staff to take care of the security needs, and they don’t fail on the clients.

But a project manager has to take other factors into account alongside security. At a project site, a manager has a greater level of protection at hand. Often, they may outsource security and hire personnel who have experience in dealing with the site issues. So, a man camp turns out to be the best bet for them.

Final Word

Workforce housing is a significant issue in terms of project management. It is imperative to make the right decisions to decide your project’s fate in the longer run. While both the options seem valid and advantageous, man camps seem to be a preferable option by all means.

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