Top Five Picross Puzzle Apps

Picross Puzzle Apps

Beat the weekend boredom by playing a picross puzzle game. Download the app, and enjoy the thrill and sense of achievement that comes with completing a puzzle.

The challenge is that with so many apps you choose from, choosing one becomes difficult. Read on to discover the top picross puzzle game apps.

Picross Mon

Enhance your picross experience by downloading Picross Mon, a gaming app that allows you to input your moves via pen, touch, or pad. Should you delete, restart or change your device, you will find your progress saved on Google Cloud.

You have hundreds of puzzles at your disposal with multiple difficulty levels. Completion of the ordinary and history mode grants you access to the Big Map Mode. The higher the rank, the more exciting the story becomes, and the better the features get.


  • Save changes on Google Cloud
  • Auto-save
  • Undo function
  • Hundreds of puzzles available

Nonogram – Logic Pixel Cross Puzzle

Here is a puzzle game that easy to learn and becomes quite addictive once you begin playing. It offers different grid sizes for varying skill levels from easy to expert. Completion of a puzzle unlocks fun-packed hidden scenes, further adding to the excitement of the game.

Read the numbers above from top to bottom and numbers on the left from left to right. Any square you discover should not be colored; mark it with an X.


  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Endless puzzles
  • Dozens of exciting themes
  • Vivid visual effects

Picross Tale – Nonogram

This puzzle game tells of a brave boy who leaves home to go on an adventure to save his village. Have fun as you join the boy on his experiences, with vibrant illustrations to enhance gameplay.

You can alter the background image to your liking as you enjoy the stylish stories for each mode. Take advantage of the hints whenever you are stuck or go for a break, worry-free that your progress will be lost.


  • Undo/redo function
  • Auto-check
  • Auto display of completed lines
  • Simultaneous touch/keypad operation

Picross Survival

There is an unlucky hero on a secluded island. Your goal is to help him without ever giving up. The storyline becomes more interesting, the more puzzles you solve. Each game automatically saves itself once you stop playing. Completing the normal and history modes gains you access to the Big Map mode.


  • Hundreds of puzzles
  • Save your changes on Google Cloud
  • Touch, pen, or pad input options
  • Three play modes


Enjoy multiple players gameplay on the Homecross app. With over 2,000 free, funny, and brain triggering levels, your boredom days are over. The game is easy to learn with tons of hidden rewards to unlock.


  • Easy to learn
  • 2,000+ puzzles
  • Supports multiple players
  • Dozens of hidden features to unlock


Picross puzzles are fun and offer more than just entertainment. They enhance your brain function while sharpening essential life skills such as logical thinking. It is best if you have an app on your device so you can access the puzzle 24/7 for its benefits.

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