If You`re Thinking about Automating Your Car, There Is Just One Little Detail Missing

If You`re Thinking about Automating Your Car, There Is Just One Little Detail Missing
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While nowadays, automation in cars is more associated with autonomous vehicles, we shall agree that not everybody can afford an advanced self-driving car. In most cases, a common citizen will prefer to talk about simpler things. You can learn about the benefits of automatic transmission vehicles, on this website:

For example, some even new cars don’t have automated windows or trunk. Even if these components are automated, you still can enhance the experience of using your car by adding new features to it. for almost every automation idea, you will need actuators. You can choose the needed items in a special catalogue. While you are choosing, let us have a look at the most interesting automation ideas.

If Youre Thinking about Automating Your Car There Is Just One Little Detail Missing

Interior Automation Ideas

Actuators are widely used for interior automation. They allow us to adjust headrests and regulate the seat inclination and location. Actuators help with the regulation of the steering wheel, and similar. Air ventilation and heat systems also rely on actuators.

However, you can make more use of them. You can equip the seats of your car with actuators to provide a massage function. Actuators are installed in a way to activate seat air cushions. Those start moving and thus, provide the passengers and the driver with a nice massage. It will allow muscles to relax thus preventing pains and stiffness in the muscles.

Installing a monitor lift is one more idea that can be performed with linear actuators. You can install a monitor lift to allow passengers to watch TV while traveling. When the trip is over, the lift moves the monitor away.

Exterior Automation Ideas

The car exterior offers plenty of opportunities for automation. You can automate just whatever you need or want. The most popular automation ideas for the exterior are the following:

  • Adaptive headlights;
  • Windscreen wipers adjustment;
  • Rear-view mirrors tuning;
  • The installation of a sunroof;
  • Trunk automation.

Headlights can be adjusted more accurately with the help of more advanced actuators with proper control elements. You might even equip them with a self-cleaning function. in cars with popup lights, vacuum actuators are used. You can upgrade the mechanism by installing 12V actuators instead.

Wipers are also being moved by actuators. You can also upgrade them by replacing with more advanced models. It will make their movement smoother, and you will be able to control them better.

Rear-view mirrors can be smoothly adjusted with a push of a button if you automate them. It eliminates the need to adjust them manually. And it, in turn, provides more precision.

The sunroof is a dream of many car owners. If your car does not have one, you can make it yourself and even automate it with a couple of linear actuators.

The trunk is one more element that might cause inconvenience when operated manually. Just imagine that you will not need to have open and close it manually when it is raining or snowing, or when you are coming out of the shop carrying numerous bags.

These are just the most evident ideas for basic car automation. With some actuators, you can change your vehicle completely.

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