How Families Are Moving During Covid-19

Moving During Covid-19

Covid-19 is a serious problem. Millions of Americans have been infected. Thousands of people have died. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the entire economy. Yet, even in the middle of a pandemic, people still need to get certain things done. One of the most important is finding the right place to live. All over the country, people are still buying and selling homes. They’re also moving into new apartments and dorm rooms.

As a result of this process, they need to move to a new space. Even under ideal circumstances, moving can be very complicated. Moving during Covid-19 presents special challenges. Attention to proper hygiene and awareness of regulations in varying states are just some of the ways Americans are responding to the process of moving during the pandemic.

By the Numbers

About one in five Americans are moving during this time. That’s millions of people hitting the road for a new life. A small portion of Americans report they had to move because of conditions during the pandemic. Others report someone moved into their home as a result of issues related to Covid-19. Still others tell pollsters they know of someone who had to move because housing conditions changed in response to the outbreak. The most affected age group are young adults. Many are attending college. College dorms have been particularly affected by Covid-19. Many colleges have gone partially or all remote, reducing the need to be on campus.

Moving Safely

Of all the issues affecting families who are moving during this period, the most important issue is safety. Parents need to protect themselves and their children during the move. They must make sure anyone they hire to help observes all necessary safety procedures during this time. They also need to make sure that anyone they interact with during the way is capable of understanding their needs and helping them move safely. With that in mind, parents are finding many ways to make any move flow more smoothly even during massive societal upheaval.

Hiring Workers

Hiring movers is essential during a move. Movers can help with many aspects of any move. Moving heavy items can be hard. Movers know how to move your largest furniture without nicking that delicate headboard. People who are moving during this pandemic with their families have highly specific issues. Young children will need to be supervised as the move happens. Older kids may want to participate in the move. A mover can help with all these little details. Many families look to them for guidance to help them create a plan that lets them get to their new destination on time.

Asking For Help

Asking for help during a move is also common. Many families turn to friends and family for assistance when moving. During the pandemic, many families are keeping to a social bubble. These are intended to be small groups that allow people to be with others who are observing all necessary social distancing and other risk reducing rules. A pod can be helpful for families who are moving. Working with members of the same pod means working with people who are familiar and understand what their fellow pod members need even during the pandemic.

During the Move

Once the move gets underway, families are doing their best to pay close attention to the process. Getting everything ready in advance is the ideal way to work with the movers and keep the process as professional as possible. Having lots of personal protective equipment on hand can be useful. Children can put on masks as the move continues. Parents can hand out wipes and additional masks if the movers run short. Wiping items down such as the seats in a moving car can also help reduce potential Covid-19 transmission. All of these procedures can help make any family move a lot easier.

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