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Upgrades For Your Mountain Airbnb

Mountain Airbnb

When you’re lucky enough to have a mountain airbnb it’s hard to think of a way that you could possibly improve it. What could possibly be better than the fresh air, the stunning views and the restorative atmosphere of the mountains? On the other hand, when you have such an amazing location ready to rent, you do want to absolutely maximise what you can get out of it. When you’re not enjoying the beautiful location yourself , you can rent it out for amazing prices to give people the best mountain getaway they could ask for.

But what are some upgrades you could make for your property that would make it an even better place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? We’ve put down a handy list here so that you can have a browse and think about how you might jazz up your amazing mountain Airbnb.

1. Hot Tub

An enduringly popular holiday staple, especially for romantic getaways or hen weekends as well as just your run of the mill skiing holiday is the humble hot tub. You can’t go wrong installing one of these – it isn’t ridiculously expensive or difficult to install, and it increases the amount you can charge by a fair bit. From couples looking to reconnect to groups of friends looking for a free spirited trip, the hot tub us the perfect addition to any Airbnb property – especially if you can look out over the snowy mountaintops as you’re bathing. Who needs those Icelandic Springs?

2. A bar

Similarly to the hot tub, this adds an extra element of fun o your property. Luckily with this addition you can go in any direction you like. You can either class it up and install a beautiful wooden bar with stunning glassware and leave a selection of wine, or you can go glass and perspex and glitter and install the dream bachelorette party addition. This won’t work for every mountain property, but anywhere that’s built to host more than four people could definitely benefit from a bar.

3. Redo the kitchen

One thing nobody fails to do when they’re looking at Airbnb’s is go through the photos – and one thing people always pay attention to (aside from wanting to see a nice sparkly bathroom) is the kitchen. People want to know they have a pleasant place to eat, socialise and cook, and if yours is looking a bit tired this will affect potential guests’ opinions. Consider getting some classy antique off white kitchen cabinets, a stylishly retro cottage table or redoing the countertops for a finished feel.

So there you have it, if you’ve been looking for ways to do up your beautiful mountain property, we hope something on this little list does the trick for you.

4. Add in New Blinds

If you’ve got dated curtains or even old stained blinds in your home, then adding in new blinds can be a great way to modernize and improve your home’s aesthetic and comfort without redoing anything too big. You can use a local company, or something like blinds in NY to find a great range of blinds that will suit any location, whether you’re in the city or in the mountains. Blinds can be a great way to combat bright bedrooms, allowing you to get the privacy and rest you need.

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