Top Places to Move in 2021

Top Places

Are you trying to figure out which is the best place to move to in 2021? Different areas will be listed in this article, and they are ranked differently. Get detailed information about the cost of living in the most popular cities of the world, on this website: expat-visa 

The main factors to consider as you look for a place to move in 2021 include:

Place– always consider the weather conditions and the safety of the place you are moving to. The landmarks and neighborhoods matter. Also, consider outdoor activities in the region.

People– this is a category that focuses on the city’s diversity and the educational attainment within the locality.

Product– this is a category that involves the city’s institutions and infrastructure. In this section, you are supposed to consider museums and attractions. Other factors to consider include airport connectivity and the university ranking. The size of the local convention center also matters.

Promotion– besides relying on the visitors and locals’ data to vet the shopping and dining recommendations, it is also good to look at the city’s popularity online. The promotions category will focus more on Google searches and Facebook check-ins.

The top places to move to in 2021 include:

1. London, England

The main reason why London is among the best places to move to is the fact that people currently value city life amid the current pandemic. Some of the important things include access to breathable and cool air, which is present courtesy of the trees within the city and the open landscapes. The outdoor experiences in London are also of good quality. The region has numerous parks, and there are many country estates that acted as hunting grounds in the past.

The main sights in London have been present for many years; however, the bars, capital’s shops, restaurants, and hotels, have been evolving weekly. Whether you are an outdoor person or have a family with you, London’s distinct neighborhoods will suit your preferences. For the hotel options, there are different offerings, and the booking process is flexible.

2. Paris, France

Paris is a major tourist destination for people around the world. The capital of France is getting ready to host the 2024 Olympics. The improved infrastructure in the region and new hotels are among the reasons you should move to Paris. In Paris, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming in the Seine River. Get detailed information about the most beautiful places to visit this summer, on this website: exploremysoul 

3. New York City, United States

New York is loved since it is a place where intelligent people converge and come up with great and ingenious inventions. The progress in the region is remarkable. Currently, New York residents stand together, and they are always ready to defend the city.

4. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is associated with different record-setting skyscrapers. The city has earned its reputation well. While in Dubai, there is no need to spend most of your time indoors. The outdoor experience in Dubai is thrilling, and the region has a high rating when it comes to weather and safety. There are also human-made islands and a shopping mall inspired by nature, which has a rooftop park and an open-air garden.

5. Singapore

Singapore is valued since the region has reinvested significantly in research, talent, and recruitment in corporate headquarters, which means the citizens will have wealthy citizens for many decades to come. The city has earned a positive reputation as being among the highly prosperous regions.

6. Los Angeles, United States

The culinary and cultural leaders present in Los Angeles are willing to declare and set up the city to be open for business after experiencing different natural disasters. In 2019, Los Angeles had more than 50 million visitors throughout the world. The visitors were interested in the museums, movie studios, the beaches, and the potential to star-spot.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is among the suitable cities in Europe to move to since it has perfect weather throughout the year. There are iconic parks, beaches, colorful neighborhoods, and the architecture in the area is appealing.


If you are interested in moving in 2021 and you have no idea which is the best place to move to, go ahead and choose one of the locations listed above. We have also offered an explanation as to why you should consider moving to a certain region. Each of these regions has outdoor activities that suit each individual. Learn more about the places you can consider if you are thinking to move your residence permanently, on this website:

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