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Tips On Decorating Your Home From Scratch

Decorating Your Home

We all like a change from time to time, especially when it comes to our home décor. As styles and trends change over time, you may feel your home’s aesthetic needs updating or a drastic change to suit your style. Whether you have purchased a new house that needs some serious work to improve or have a home that hasn’t been decorated in years, here are some top tips to help you get started from scratch.

Get Expert Help & Advice

It can be overwhelming knowing how to turn your ideas from initial thoughts to an actual room in your home, so there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice. Being able to lean on those who have done so before or have experience within this niche can help catapult your ideas to life. You can speak to local architects on recent projects they have worked on as a starting point, as well as look at decorating trends that the experts recommend. You won’t need to go ahead alone, so some direction is always helpful so that you can have a home decorated exactly how you envisioned and without having to start over again.

Find Inspiration & Stick to a Style

When looking to redecorate your home, you may have something in mind for the majority of your rooms but may struggle with one particular area. You have a clear idea for the lounge and bedrooms, but are unsure how to approach the bathroom or kitchen. The best thing to do from this point is to find inspiration and try and keep it consistent throughout. Unless you want every room to offer something different, you’ll want some aspects like furnishings, wallpaper choice or paint colour to be uniform to some extent. Many trade or specialist decorating publications or websites can provide this, along with interior designers on social media. Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially when you least expect it. 

Work Out a Room Plan

You should clearly plan how each room is going to look before going ahead with your decorating. This will help to minimise any mistakes and help ensure your ideas work together before making actual changes to your rooms. For example, you may want a certain type of furnishing throughout the room to work alongside your chosen colour scheme, however, you may find it doesn’t work together. It’s better to have the plan in place first before spending money on items and making physical changes. Plan out the room through sketching your ideas and where possible use computer software to bring them to life virtually. 

Stick to a Budget

Having lots of ideas and inspiration is great, but if you can’t make it work within a budget, you could find your dream home makeover will cost much more than planned. You’ll have an idea of how much you can afford to spend on decorating, and you may want to plan this room by room as some may require more budget than others, such as appliance heavy rooms, i.e. kitchens and bathrooms. Keeping to a budget will help make cost-effective decisions, so unless money is no obstacle, you can ensure you are not spending more than you need to on materials. 

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