Tell Tale Signs of an Impending Divorce

Impending Divorce

How come celebrity divorces catch us by surprise? However, when it comes to our life, we are never prepared or expect anything wrong. The truth is life is not a bed of roses, and divorces happen more often than one can imagine. When we marry our soulmate, we believe our life to be perfect, aligned with the universe, and everything should be rainbows and sunshine.

That said, an impending divorce seems like a blow from the unknown, and before we have time to comprehend what is happening, we find ourselves in the courtroom, with a lawyer, thinking about the life choices that led to this day. Divorces can be even tougher when children are involved, which is why we have assembled a list that includes essential tell-tale signs about an approaching divorce. Read on to learn more!

Genuine Unhappiness

Be honest to yourself – how many times have you faked a smile at family and social gatherings while pretending to be in a blissful spot in your life? When it comes to a stable, good, and positive relationship, you cannot help yourself but smile, be thankful and exude happiness. All couples fight – and no marriage is perfect. You have to watch out when a marriage turns toxic, and you guys start running a toxic cycle.

Meanwhile, things will start to drift off from the island of happiness, and you will find yourself and your partner stuck in a vicious, hostile, and toxic environment. You might also feel like you are rocking the boat of marriage one-sidedly while your spouse seems distant, unresponsive, and incompetent to the extent that you cannot even have an eye-to-eye conversation with them. In simple words, if you have the genuine feeling of being unhappy and being stuck in an unhappy marriage, it is a sign of an impending divorce.

Increase in Negative Interactions

We are not talking about physical intimacy here. If we were to see things statistically, you would find that happy marriages have an interaction ratio (positive: negative) of 20:1, which means that there will be one negative interaction for every twenty positive interactions. If you have a conflicted marriage, the ratio of negative interactions will start to increase while the positive interactions will decrease tremendously (7:1). If you see weeks, months, and even years passing by without the slightest improvements, a pending divorce is ahead.

Avoiding Your Partner more Than Before

There was a time when you couldn’t wait to get home and spend time with your significant other. Now, it seems like the most dreaded task in the world. You will find yourself spending extra hours at work. You might also be conflicted with the urge to cheat and having an extra-marital affair, which can be hurtful to both of you. We recommend that you have an honest conversation with your partner and assess things as honestly as possible. You also need a good divorce lawyer at your side, such as Attorney Jennifer J. McCaskill. The lawyer will help you analyze the situation and advise you with the best solution to either save your marriage or go ahead with the impending divorce.

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