How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for a Winter Wedding

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It’s true that June is traditional for weddings and a fact that January is least often chosen for nuptials. However, there are many reasons behind scheduling a wedding, and many advantages to a winter wedding. Choosing your bridal gown for a winter wedding opens new opportunities as you make it your day to sparkle. You can learn about the best practices to carry out in a wedding season, on this website:

White on White Wedding

Picture this: You’re in a simple white gown, with a crown of winterberries in your hair, and snow is falling all around. What could be more romantic, right? Unless you live in a very cold climate, you’re unlikely to have this opportunity except in winter. In fact, some brides choose destination weddings in Alaska or Scandinavia just so they can say their vows under the Northern Lights. Follow your heart here for the gown that is you, and let the snow fall where it will.

Be the Sparkle

An advantage of a winter wedding is that it’s right in the midst of the holidays when glitz and glamour are part of the picture. It’s the season for beading, pearls, sequins, and diamonte. If you’re a maximalist instead of a minimalist, you’ll love the freedom this gives you to choose a gown that’s fairy-tale splendid. Another advantage of cooler weather, a sequin-encrusted gown won’t weigh you down the way it would in summer.

Winter Wonderland

About that chilly weather: Your wedding may be indoors, but you’ll still need to get to the (possibly chilly) church on time. Gowns that are strapless, backless, or bare are just as popular as long-sleeved dresses for winter weddings, but some sort of cover-up can be helpful. Brides and their bridesmaids can adapt fashionably with coordinating gloves, capes, or stoles, whether faux or real fur. For the gown itself, choose heavier fabrics such as satin.


Another way to adapt to cooler weather is to fool the eye: Long sleeves, back, or neckline can be of netting or lace, giving the illusion of bareness while covering up. These beautiful gowns often make the sheer elements the focus, with patterned lace or beading.

A Tropical Mindset

Another way to beat the weather is to travel where it’s warmer, of course. A winter wedding on the beach can put you and your guests in a whole different mindset. Choose a gown that’s a little less formal, or pick your fairy-tale dress and use lighter, brighter colors for bridesmaids’ dresses.

It’s Up to You

Ultimately it’s your day, and you’ll know your dress when you see it, whatever the season. Choose your wedding dress the way you would any dress for an important occasion: Does it suit your style, figure, and budget? Do you want something frilly, classic, trendy, or timeless? You’ll likely look at many dresses before finding “the one,” but be assured, a winter wedding gives you as many options as any season for the occasion that will be your beautiful day, and a beautiful memory for all.

Learn more about the trending wedding dress styles that you can try without exceeding from your specific budget, on this website:

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