Cordae Net Worth: Overview of his Potent Income

Cordae Net Worth

Cordae Net Worth is all about the achievements and earned assets of young Cordae Amari Dunston, who has been famous for his rapper profession with a net worth of millions. He is 25 years of age and working as a rap artist with YouTube viewership through special channel access with the audience and hundreds of followers. He started as music composer at 16 and carried this into college life. Here you may know some of his short-span journey:

YBN Cordae Biography 

This article will provide you  information on YBN Cordae’s net worth, biography, wife, age, height, and weight, among other things. American rapper YBN Cordae net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Only 25 years old, he is getting fame through writing songs and recording raps. He has only six years of experience in the rap music industry.

Complete nameCordae Amari Dunston
Cordae ageAugust 26, 1997
ProfessionAmerican Rapper
YBN Cordae net worth$3 million
Cordae height1.75 m. (5’ 9”)

Who is Cordae?

He is a professional rapper and rap songwriter five feet and nine inches in height who has been fond of music since his youthful era. His father has also been supportive and admirer of Eminem and urged him to make his composition. He got quick fame, and Cordae net worth has been estimated due to his successful journey.

According to Cordae Rapper, his favorite rappers are NAS and Eminem. Cordae was an extremely talented student with a strong interest in music. He was enrolled at Maryland’s Towson University. Cordae girlfriend, Naomi Osaka, is a wife, and they had their first child, a daughter, in 2023. 

Early Life

On August 26, 1997, he was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the United States. Due to a lack of employment, Cordae’s family was forced to relocate from one state to another, and three years later, his family relocated to Maryland from South Carolina. Cordae’s father inspired him to love music. His father was a huge admirer of Eminem and 50 Cent.

Dunston Career

On the recommendation of a buddy, he quit college in the middle of his studies and visited California state. It was the finest decision of his life to make that choice so he could pursue his ambition of being a rap artist. Cordae decided to pursue his rap career seriously at the beginning of 2018. 

YBN Almighty and Jay YBN Nahmir, whom he had met through social media, were persons Dunston met on a regular basis in Los Angeles after he expressed interest in a song that the rapper and his brother Simba co-wrote.

He became well-known when his debut studio album, The Lost Boy, was published in 2019. With two songs, he has already become a household name. He is already well-established among the rappers of this age. He will be the voice of the future, say some rap specialists. 

How did Cordae become popular?

He also launched his own YouTube channel, where he released his songs one at a time and found popularity without the help of the conventional music industry. His success also had the drawback of being quite scarce. Dunston is the only YBN member who hasn’t been exposed to video games because he doesn’t play them seriously.

Dunston visited a total of 28 cities, and he toured out of the country to attend events. Soon after that, it was public that YBN would travel around Europe as a group for one month. Dunston then said that he would play several singles up to the completion of his debut album.

Dunston Social Media Profile

He presently has 439K followers on Twitter and more than 2.4M followers on Instagram. His YouTube presence has met the range of 700k subscribers, and his Facebook followers have achieved 200k members.

His social media handles, which he swiftly changed from “Entendre” to “YBN Cordae.” He said, “Nahmir and Shit were always about me; they were like my brothers. For a while, I wanted to modify Entendre.”

YBN Cordae Net Worth and Earning Resources

YBN Cordae Net Worth has been estimated in the millions, gaining further enrichment due to his schedule and collaboration plans. If Cordae had focused more on his music, his net worth could have been ten times more. Def Jam Records recently disclosed the signing of Cordae to three-single contracts worth $5 million.

This deal will end in December 2024, and once it is concluded, his net worth is expected to multiply ten times. Alongside YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Nahmir, he made his live debut at the biennial Rolling Loud music festival in May 2018.

Cordae Performances

After being selected for the annual first-year class, Nahmir joined the group to perform at the 2018 XXL Freshman Show in New York City. On August 2, 2018, the “Pain Away” music video by Nahmir and Cordae was made available. These would be included on a recognized YBN Mixtape, according to YBN Nahmir’s announcement on August 12; it would be released on September 7, 2018. 

He released the accompanying music video for “Scotty Pippen” on August 23, 2018. Cordae posted a new “Locationships” song music video on his YouTube. They uploaded “Have Mercy,” the lead single from his debut studio album The Lost Boy, in March of that same year.

The “The Lost Boy in America Tour,” which will begin in January 2020, will be headlined by YBN Cordae, who announced in November 2019. On April 22, 2021, Cordae released the EP Just Until, which included Q-Tip and Young Thug, anticipating his impending second studio album. 

On October 7, 2021, the song “Super” by Cordae was made online. As he had previously indicated in December 2021, Cordae’s second studio album, From a Birds Eye View, was released on January 14, 2022. The album contains 14 songs, some of which appear from Eminem, Gunna, Stevie Wonder, and others.

Final Thoughts

Cordae Net Worth has reached $3 million, which is expected to get a further boost in the upcoming years due to his planned music and artistic performances. He joined the music industry for rap and melodic composition and got valuable feedback from the audience. Besides performing physical live performances, he is getting fame through online mediums and social media channels.


How old is Cordae?

He is just 25 years of age, born in 1997, and only six years of career journey.

What is the real name of Cordae?

Cordae Amari Dunston is his real name, and he is famous as a professional rapper.

What is Cordae Net Worth?

The most common question associated with the Cordae is his net worth, $3 Million.

How Tall is Cordae?

Cordae height is 5.9” tall and 68 Kg weight as a young rap artist personality.

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