A Guide for Determining the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape


It can be challenging to choose a haircut that looks great on you. Sometimes you may see it on someone else and try it on yourself only to find out your face shape is not appropriate for it.

The shape of your face plays a major role in the types of haircuts that suit you best. All faces are unique and have particular features that stand out. Your experienced stylist at Essence Salon will help you choose the best cut. You can learn about the hair styles that completely depends on the your facial features, on this website:

To prepare for your hair appointment, this guide will show you how to determine the shape of your face and which haircuts are the most flattering. Let’s get started!

Determining Your Face Shape

To receive a proper haircut that will accentuate your features, first, you have to know the shape of your face. You can determine this in front of a mirror while utilizing a measuring tape.

These are the precise steps:

1. Start with the widest horizontal area of your face by measuring across starting from one side of your forehead near the temples to the opposite side.

2. Put your finger at the distal corner of one of your eyes and measure down to the top side of the cheekbone on the same side. The distance should be about one inch down. Measure again on the opposite side.

3. Next, you will locate your jawline right below your earlobe and run the measuring tape down to the tip of your chin. Count this number twice to account for the opposite side.

4. Once you complete all the steps above, you can compare your measurements to determine if the shape of your face is heart, round, triangle, oval, square, diamond, or oblong.

Heart-Shaped Face

The forehead measurement will be longer than the cheekbone, which will be longer than your jawline. Your forehead looks wider with a narrow jawline, which means you’ll want to focus on bringing volume and balance to your jaw. Avoid haircuts that are heavy on top and make your forehead look wider.

A side bang that balances your forehead is a great option. Longer layers around the jaw and medium to long length is great as well as a bob that sweeps in just below the jawline. Fashion can be termed as creativity for the people who look adorable on you, visit this website for further details.

Round-Shaped Face

The length of your face will be similar to the width of the cheekbones, but greater than the length of your jawline and width of your forehead. Try haircuts such as a Faux Hawk that draws the eyes upward.

For a longer style, try a sleek cut with layers that frame your face. Try to elongate your face while avoiding cuts that create more width.

Triangle-Shaped Face

You have a prominent jawline that is greater than the cheekbone, which is greater than the forehead. Choose cuts that make your forehead look wider while narrowing your jawline.

Short styles add volume and texture to the forehead while longer cuts should have layers below the jawline to add balance. Keep blunt line away from the chin to avoid adding more volume to this already wide area.

Oval-Shaped Face

The forehead and cheekbone measurements will be similar while the number measured on your jawline will be the shortest. An oval face shape is one of the best because it works with just about every haircut.

Choose a haircut that focuses on the texture and your mood. You can be bold, elegant, or simple. The sky is the limit!

Square-Shaped Face

All four measurements will be very similar. Try cuts that lengthen your face such as long cuts with layers below the chin or an angled bob. Avoid cuts that are too bulky on top, your goal is to create length.

Diamond-Shaped Face

The length of your face will be longer, then cheekbone, then forehead, and the smallest the jawline. Avoid short styles that are bulky on top or sleek long styles. Mid-length cuts are best for your strong cheekbones and work well to shorten the length of your face. Stay away from blunt bangs, try a side-swept bang that accentuates your cheekbones instead.

Oblong-Shaped Face

Your face length is longer than the width of your cheekbone, forehead, and jawline, which will all be similar.

Avoid cuts that lengthen your face and stick to a medium length to add volume to your sides. Create more volume around your chin to widen your face. Heavy bangs are appropriate as they add width to the forehead.

So there you have it, an easy way to determine your face shape!

Learn more about the effect of the hair style on your overall personality, on this website:

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