4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Overseas Holiday

Overseas Holiday

Traveling is one of life’s joys. It’s an opportunity to see new places, do new things and to try new foods. I started traveling in my early twenties and have enjoyed visiting so many different places around the world. With the recent increases in costs around the globe, travel is feeling more expensive than ever. There are quite a few tricks and tips you can implement to lower the costs of your trip, allowing you to either travel more often or for longer! If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next overseas holiday, don’t look any further. Once you’ve got your travel visa arranged online, you can start planning the nitty gritty of your upcoming adventure. I’ve compiled this list of my favorite tricks and tips so you can stretch those travel funds a little further.

1. Use Airbnbs

I love staying in Airbnbs, for a number of reasons but I find they’re just a great way to be more comfortable and to save money. Staying in an Airbnb often means you have access to laundry facilities, so you can easily wash your clothes and freshen up! You can also cook, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious meals made at home for a fraction of the price. If you really enjoy eating out, one great thing you can do is to at least have breakfast at home each day and to prepare your snacks for the trip. Airbnbs are often located in more suburban areas, which I prefer as it allows you to live where the locals live, which is much cheaper than the hotel districts. To find out more about the requirements to operate an Airbnb, visit this website:  

2. Go During Off Season

While it’s fun to go traveling during the holidays, it’s often when most people are traveling. This means you’ll experience a lot of delays, both when flying and trying to pick up a car at a car rental etc. For that reason, I think it’s really worth considering traveling during the off season. The tickets will be cheaper, accommodation will be cheaper, and there will be less crowds in all of the attractions. It’s a win all around! The only thing to be mindful of is the climate. I personally prefer to travel in spring and autumn, but it will depend heavily on the destination you’re planning to visit.

3. Split Meals

If you’re eating out a lot, the portion sizes are often a lot bigger than you’d usually enjoy at home. What I tend to do is I split the meals with my partner. We’ll order an entree to share and a meal, and that works out pretty great for the both of us. We also try to do quite a bit of picnics as well and we find that’s a great way to cut back costs without cutting back on having that ‘going out’ feeling which is so nice when you’re traveling. Food is one of the biggest expenses while overseas, so I hope these tips help you feel more motivated

4. Use Your Credit Card

Your credit card can actually be a great way to pay for your travel. There’s a whole world out there of ‘point hacking’ where people use credit cards to get points and to get their holidays at incredible prices. Many travel focused credit cards offer special benefits like including travel insurance when you use that card to book any overseas trips. Take a look at the credit cards you’re using and compare them to other options your bank might offer to see if you could be collecting more points or getting better benefits with another type of card.

Travel is one of my favorite things to do and I’m always looking for creative ways that allow me to get away a little more. I hope these tips help you find a few tips for saving on travel so you can either travel longer or more often.

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