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When you travel to The Netherlands you think about the magic canals in Amsterdam, the tulip fields, windmills, and maybe even the coffee shops (depending on your taste, of course). Traveling to the country is very convenient as The Netherlands is home to a handful of airports strategically located across the country. The major airport of Amsterdam is one of the busiest airports in Europe and welcomes many tourists daily. When tourists arrive they have many options to consider. What they often do not know yet is that rent a car Amsterdam airport can be the starting point of an epic holiday.

What are the options to travel from the airport?

The Netherlands is home to a strong infrastructure network that can take you to every edge of the country. Yes, even those small Waddeneilanden can be reached through boats and busses that are available as part of the public transport. However, there are two major downsides when it comes to the public transport network in the country.

Costs of public transport are high

A train ticket can be very expensive in The Netherlands. Traveling between cities easily costs you 30 euros per person for a single return ticket. This is a large sum of money, especially when you are traveling with multiple people.

Transfer, transfer, and transfer

While the network in The Netherlands is strong, it can take a long time to reach your destination. When you travel between cities, there are often direct connections. However, if you need to go to a national reserve or a small village, the traveling time can grow significantly. Combined with the price of the tickets (e.g. a combination between train, subway, and bus) can make it an expensive choice as well.


While you might think this is the most favorable option, think twice. The cost of living in The Netherlands is high, and so are the prices of new cars. This is translated into the price of the cabs. A ride from Amsterdam airport to the city center can easily cost you 50 euros for a 20-minute ride. For the same price, you can easily rent a car for more than a day, for some types even two.

Rental cars

This brings us to the last option: rent a car Amsterdam airport. This can bring your holiday to the next level. Why? Because you can easily travel to all places in the country without transfers, you make use of brand new infrastructure, and it is cheaper than public transport when you are traveling together. What’s there to wait for?

More on renting a car at the airport

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