Your list of summer party essentials

summer party

Whether you have something to celebrate or simply want to catch up with loved ones, hosting a summer party is the perfect way to do it. That’s especially true in the context of the pandemic – with small social gatherings outdoors allowing us to see people we haven’t seen in months.

Playing host does bring with it a certain amount of pressure, however. To help you meet all your guests’ expectations and more, read our list of summer party essentials below.

Delicious food

What’s a party without party food? If you think of yourself as a handy cook, now’s your opportunity to put on a spread and impress. You may want to create a variety of small plates and side dishes to give people options and cater to different dietary requirements.

If cooking isn’t your strong point, consider ordering a large takeaway or asking guests to bring their own bites.


The same goes for drinks. You could create an outdoor bar to hold everything your guests might need, including glasses, garnishes and mixers. If the sun is shining, preparing buckets of ice will make sure everyone stays refreshed.

Again, variety is key. If you’re buying in drinks for your party guests, make sure to add a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to your shopping basket.


No matter the space you’re working with, a few decorations can help transform it into the perfect party venue. Banners, balloons and bunting are perfect for decorating walls and creating Instagram-worthy backdrops – as well as making it clear exactly who or what you’re celebrating.

If you’re toasting to a milestone birthday, why not make the occasion extra special with giant number or letter balloons?


No matter how well the conversation flows, every party needs a soundtrack. There’s a few different ways to approach this step; you could spent time creating your own, use a pre-made Spotify playlist, or hand over control to your guests. Which will it be?

Bear in mind that you’ll need enough music to last the duration of the party!

Fun extras

If you’ve ticked off all the above and still feel like something is missing, there are a few ways to take your party up a notch. A pool could keep the heat off in the day, while a fire pit will make sure everyone is cosy on the evening.

Are there any games you could easily set up or buy equipment for too?

Whatever party essentials you choose in the end, you’re bound to have a good time when surrounded by your loved ones.

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