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Your 4 factors complete guide to bamboo flooring!

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Heard of bamboo floors? Yes, they are the fastest selling hardwood alternatives recently. People across the globe are getting attracted to this type of flooring due to its amazing advantages. No matter if it’s your commercial place or residential space, with bamboo floors you can get the similar arresting presentation of hardwood and some incredible more benefits as well.

Ø Everything you want to know about bamboo floors!

Hopping from the regular hardwood to bamboo floors can be a grave decision for you. But believe us, you’ll never regret it later. These bamboo floors, as an alternative to wooden flooring in Auckland from Plantation Bamboo are the best in terms of quality. And if you want to sharpen your knowledge before installing them, just keep reading the important guidelines:

  1. The impressive benefits of bamboo flooring — Bamboo is any time better and more beneficial than the regular hardwood floors, want to know how, read these pointers:
  • It’s an eco- friendly flooring option that is renewable and doesn’t damage the environment due to its usage.
  • It’s more durable and harder than the regular hardwood floor.
  • It’s quite inexpensive as compared to the hardwood floors and doesn’t even require too much labour in installing it.
  • It’s more moisture resistant than the timber floors and that is why it can be installed at any space quite conveniently.
  1. Bamboo flooring structures — The bamboo floor can be seen in these types of structures listed below. You can choose any of these for your room matching it to the rest of the décor.
  • Vertical planks which are made using the bamboo planks that are placed together in vertical positions.
  • Horizontal planks that are placed together horizontally.
  • Strand woven bamboo which have strands of bamboo woven together to create a compressed form of planks.
  1. Bamboo flooring profile types — If you want to decide upon which type of bamboo flooring will look best on your place, do consider checking their profile types too below opting for them. These can be classified as:
  • Tongue and groove type of bamboo profiles which are a bit difficult to install as they should be stuck together. This leaves the minimum space between them and the planks fit perfectly and firmly together.
  • Click fitting is a quicker and easier way to fit the planks together with just a click.
  • Parquet block is another attractive type of bamboo flooring with a geometrical pattern made through the help of the blocks it consists of.
  1. The attractive colors of bamboo floors — The incredible flooring option – bamboo floors — can be largely found in two main color variants. You can decide upon the ideal one as per their shades listed below:
  • The natural bamboo color which is just as its name suggests — the natural shade of bamboo in different shades of yellow or pale color.
  • The carbonized shade — when this natural shade is smoked to give it a slightly brownish appearance.

These are very essential pointers to know before opting for or installing the bamboo flooring for your home. Hope the information suffices, and you are now ready completely for the new floor renovation with bamboo!

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