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mental health

Mental health plays a significant role in an individual’s well-being and the various aspects of life. It affects the daily routine, the ability to handle stress, and most importantly, how one feels about themselves.

People often focus on the physical aspect of well-being, but one of the vital aspects of our care model is mental health.

With the stigma surrounding mental health issues, individuals tend to overlook the problems associated with psychological disorders.

The most common types of mental illnesses are depression and anxiety that result from various personal or professional matters. In tandem, they impact an individual socially, mentally, and even financially.

In addition, the global pandemic impacted the lives of everyone due to lockdowns, loss of jobs or business, eventually increasing concerns regarding mental health.

The effects of the ongoing pandemic served as a reminder that nobody can pull you out of the darkness except yourself.

There would be times when it’ll seem challenging to encourage yourself to keep on moving; if you don’t make an effort, mental illnesses will drown you in sorrows.

This impacts health, work, finances, and family relationships, affecting your ability to contribute towards the community’s journey to progress.   

Solutions like telepsychiatry (telehealth mental health), picking up a new hobby, or regular exercise can help tackle psychological issues.

However, to prevent mental illnesses from impacting lives, it is necessary to understand the root causes and make changes.

The most evident causes and repercussions of mental illness are as follows:


It might be surprising to learn that unemployment and mental health are linked. While it may not be entirely in your hands to overcome unemployment, there are ways to prevent mental health issues associated with it.

The first step in dealing with psychological problems is to analyze the role unemployment has in causing harm to your health.

The loss of day-to-day work structure has a devastating effect on a person’s well-being. Stress and reduced self-esteem are expected outcomes that have significantly increased in today’s time.

Losing a job has financial implications that ultimately impact routine expenses and overall lifestyle.

Mental health impacts both employed and unemployed people in a visible way. It includes lack of productivity, absence from work, inability to carry out tasks, and sedentary lifestyle that affects physical health.

According to research, people with severe mental health conditions are 6-7 times more likely to be unemployed than those with no psychological problems. 

Family and Friends

Depression, anxiety, or other issues affect individuals and impact their family and friends. It is challenging to detect the signs and symptoms of depression in a loved one, but knowing about mental health disorders can lead to seeking immediate help.     

Mental health issues aren’t only prevalent in adults but also children. Studies have shown mental illness has severe implications on school-going children whose parents have unresolved psychological problems.

It is difficult to open up about your feelings when going through difficult times, even with your friends, but healthy friendships remind you that there is always a shoulder to lean on.

People with mental health problems distance themselves from family and friends. However, being supportive and offering help in such circumstances can positively impact individuals suffering from depression or anxiety.

Knowing how mental health affects your life and those around you is crucial to understanding the consequences and actions needed to overcome various issues in life.


An essential aspect of society’s progress is how educated the youth is. Mental health plays a significant role in the lives of individuals seeking education.

Though it is evident that children suffering from psychological illness are likely to experience barriers in learning, it is unfortunate that many don’t seek help and support for their mental health problems.

The primary side effect of mental health issues in children often leads to substance abuse to cope with educational challenges and unrealistic expectations.

Addiction offers a temporary escape from reality but disrupts overall health.

Individuals with behavioral problems are at significant risk of dropping out of school. The increasing threat of mental health disorders and their side effects on an individual’s life points out that immediate action is crucial to overcome challenges that hinder the progress of a community.

Physical Health Issues

Even though the mind and body are viewed separately, they’re closely related because the state of your psychological welfare influences your well-being.

For instance, an individual with a good mental state is more likely to stay healthy and avoid severe health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

People with mental health problems don’t have adequate healthcare and have difficulty seeking care or medications. 

There is a significant risk that those suffering from depression are likely to start smoking to increase the brain’s dopamine (found in nicotine) levels.

However, various lung diseases are likely to develop with smoking and are diagnosed when too late for treatment.

In addition, sleep disorders are common amongst people with mental health problems. The outcome of all these issues is the lack of productivity, reduced energy levels, and health risks that impact society’s journey to success.

Mortality Rate

It isn’t news that if mental health issues aren’t addressed immediately, they lead to reduced lifespan. Short life expectancy is due to the adverse effects mental health has on a person’s physical health.

Symptoms of psychological illness make people more vulnerable to various health conditions due to disruption in hormone levels and lack of a complete sleep cycle.

Additionally, untreated mental health problems cause people to seek emotional comfort by using drugs or alcohol, which are detrimental to health and often result in suicide.


In today’s time, mental health plays an essential role in the individual’s well-being and, ultimately, society’s progress.

People with untreated mental health disorders like depression or anxiety are more likely to experience consequences that impact different aspects of their lives.

While many believe that psychological issues only impact an individual, it affects their ability to participate in helping society progress.

Since unemployment, education, and physical health are evident facets of society; it’s necessary to seek result-focused treatment methods to overcome psychological disorders and provide immediate relief.

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