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research tools for students


These days the trend of going to the library, reviewing several books, taking notes, and doing Research is gone. All thanks to technology, we no longer have to do this mind-numbing routine to do any Research.

Though, Research is still a careful, conscientious process. That is why there is a need to discover some of the best writing and research tools for students and researchers. Read on this post to learn about some of the miracles of technology.

Many people come across unintentional plagiarism. To avoid such similarities, you can trust this reliable plagiarism checker. It provides some precise and reliable plagiarism test outcomes you can utilize this copyright checker at Some of its advantageous features are:

  • This plagiarism detector is easily accessible and supports you to highlight any similar content across the web. It analyzes your data line by line.
  • Along with the check for plagiarism, it looks for grammar and spelling mistakes and corrects unusual words.
  • It checks for keyword density and provides suggestions for rewriting sentences.
  • This online plagiarism checker is equally beneficial for students, researchers, and writers. It supports multiple formats and provides full security of your data.

Online Research needs visiting of many websites, different articles, related blogs, supportive images, videos, and infographics. So there is a need for a tool that can incorporate all aspects of Research. This tool allows researchers from different places to work together, share, and manage all information and Research. Some prominent features of Bit are:

  • This tool is easy to use.
  • It offers real-time editing and allows communication with peers.
  • It specializes in adding related images, videos to your Research.
  • It has the option of a content library that saves all your media files for future use.
  • It offers a writing tool as well.


Every Research needs to be organized and planned. GanttPRO is one of the best project and task management tools that makes it easy to manage tasks timeline, follow them, and meet deadlines on time. Some of its Key Features are:

  • It offers lots of ready-made templates.
  • It allows its users a Real-time collaboration.
  • It offers a free trial for 14-days.


Every Research needs hours for proofreading and spell checking.  But with Grammarly, researchers and students can save their time and effort. Apart from proofreading, it includes a free grammar checker tool and a platform to check punctuation. It gives writing suggestions as well to make your content more attractive and readable. It is one of the most authentic plagiarism checkers as well.

I Seek

It is one of the best search engines that is specifically designed to support students with their Research.  It provides sources from thousands of trusted scientific websites, top-notch universities, and government resources. Researchers can also add URLs to find the relevant information within seconds.


It is a social network for academic purposes. Students and researchers can share their papers and ideas without any cost. It helps to gain access to over 8 million already published papers. In this way, you will get the opportunity to enhance your research process. This tool is also worthy of checking paper impact.


It is specifically designed to assist while organizing Research and then creating proper references and bibliographies in the end. It is helpful when writing essays, especially when you need to keep your sources in check.

Thesis Statement Creator

This tool is designed to support you when you are putting together your research work’s final statement. It gives you an example to help you in writing final words step by step.


It provides an online service of free, high-grade SEO and content tools. It offers a Plagiarism detector free and a perfect platform to rewrite your research work. Whether it is your academic assignment final thesis, you can take help from this tool to check your content’s uniqueness. If you want the tool to rewrite your content, it will do it flawlessly without any cost.


It is another finest platform for research writing and then organizing it. It rapidly presents an editor with a sidebar so that you can keep every piece of writing in place. It checks for grammatical and spelling mistakes as well it highlights them to make corrections. This tool is available online and easily accessible. While writing in this tool, you can keep a record of your word count as well. It offers a huge variety of editing features to its users.

Some of its Key Features are:

  • It is easy to use for Desktop as well as on mobile.
  • It offers the facility of an Outline creator
  • It has the option of Easy organization

Wrapping it up

There are many websites and videos on the internet to guide students and researchers to report their findings. However, the whole research process requires sufficient time and effort. In the past, students and researchers had to spend uncountable hours, or even days, in libraries trying to find the precise data that they needed. These days, conversely, the whole thing can be found online, making the whole research procedure much relaxed and quicker. This is why we have brought you this writing piece to elaborate on essential research and writing tools.

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