Winter Farming in Illinois: What Equipment Every Farmer Should Own

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Keep up on your winter farm maintenance in Illinois with these essential pieces of equipment. Taking care of a farm is a year-round project, so find out how a skid steer snow pusher, loader forks and other equipment can make life easier, this winter and throughout the year.

Snow Pusher

Leave your truck parked in the garage and get your skid steer in gear this winter. Just like a snow plow on your truck, a skid steer snow pusher helps clear your driveway and create routes to your barns, garage and other areas around your property. Skid steers have plenty of traction and power to navigate your property, so you don’t need to worry about creating an efficient path wherever you need to go.

Compare pusher options to find the best for your needs. One of the advantages of a skid steer is that it’s more compact than a truck or tractor, so a small snow pusher is great for working around your home. A larger pusher can clear your driveway or other large track in one smooth motion.


A snow pusher is a rugged and reliable tool, but it can create snow banks around your property. Pick up a 3 point snowblower or order one online to have it delivered straight to your farm. Power through deep Illinois snow with a high-powered snowblower. These attachments allow you to direct the throw of snow and create clear paths without large snow piles at the end of your drive. Whether you have tracks or wheels on your skid steer, you can clear the way for your truck or make foot paths to your outbuildings. Put aside your push snowblower and leverage the power and efficiency of your skid steer to cut down on the time it takes to manage snow on your property.

Loader Forks

Prepare for a busy spring by moving supplies with loader forks. A forklift doesn’t have the all-weather traction you need for winter projects, but a skid steer is a nimble, reliable alternative. Set yours up with loader forks to pick up hay bales, feed bags or building materials for a DIY repair project this winter. Just like a loader bucket, forks are highly versatile and help you take on many projects around the farm.

Loader forks aren’t just for winter. Once the snow melts and your farm kicks back into high gear, this skid steer attachment will still be a must-have piece of equipment. Compare fork lengths and widths to find the best tines for your year-round projects on the farm.

Prepare for Another Winter in Illinois

Efficient projects give you more time to rest this winter. After a busy harvest, kick back and enjoy your winter evenings in Illinois. Shop online to find loader forks for sale and other tractor and skid steer attachments. Gather the gear that keeps your farm productive year in and year out. Don’t rely on your truck for all of your snow clearing needs, but keep your tractor and skid steer working for your farm and earning their keep.

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