Why Your 3 Monitor Setup Isn’t As Good As You Think

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Regardless of how much you love your 3 monitor setup, have you wondered if there’s more you could do with it? Even the most amazing equipment needs to be optimized so that you get the most for your money. As a starting point, view more options from the best in the market for the ultimate 6 monitor setup. You’ll find a range of options and you can easily share your name, email address. That way, you’ll get all the updates on new products so that you can keep optimizing your own multi-monitor setup.

Having the Right Equipment for your 3 or 6 Monitor Setup

Setting up your system, regardless of whether you have two, three, or 6 monitors, means getting the right equipment and power as described below:

  • Processing power
  • Graphics card
  • Monitor resolution

Processing power

Clearly, the desktop or laptop you choose needs to be able to support a multi-monitor setup, regardless of whether you use Mac or Windows 10. That means first checking that the RAM is at least 16GB but ideally 32GB or even 64GB if you can afford it.

You’ll need a processor, most likely AMD or Intel. That’s because these are the best although Apple does also have some top-quality processors. For a multi-monitor setup though, you should look for a CPU of at least 2.6GHz or higher, for example, 3.8GHz, if you have the budget.

Graphics cards

A multiple-monitor setup needs a good graphics card. This device essentially manages and displays all your images and graphics. Whilst a video card often comes in the form of an integrated graphics card, some people still prefer to buy an external one. That’s because they can then specify exactly what they need. You’ll usually find that those people go for top brands such as Radeon or NVIDIA, with at least 4GB or 6GB, to support their three or 6 monitor setups.

Monitor resolution

Clearly, you’ll want to appreciate the quality of your display without having to strain your eyes when working on your three or 6 monitor setup. If you’re baffled by the different LCD panels then look no further than the TN panels. These are more than good enough and at a reasonable budget, which should work well for any multiple monitor arrangement.

In terms of screen size though, this then usually becomes a personal choice. That’s because you can have two, three, or 6 monitors arranged to make the overall effect as large as you like. Nevertheless, a good starting point is the 24 and 27-inch options that offer a good resolution.

Naturally, though, you’ll need to check your DisplayPort connectors to also get the right cables. To give you an idea, these usually come in HDMI, VGA, DVI, or USB format.  Last but not least, don’t forget to check your power supply unit. That way, you can make sure that you don’t ever find yourself suddenly staring at an array of black screens.

Making the Equipment work for your 3 or 6 Monitor Setup

Once you’ve connected your multi-monitor setup, you’ll still need to make sure you’ve set up the display properly. The following tips should therefore help you maximize your three or 6 monitor setup experience:

  • Display setting
  • Taskbar settings
  • Shortcuts

Display setting

If you have monitors from different brands, it’s important for you to make sure they work properly together. It’s very easy to do this by going into Display Settings and clicking on ‘rearrange your displays’. With some trial and error, you’ll then be able to make sure that your cursor moves properly between your monitors.

Another step is to go to ‘scale and layout’. There you’ll be able to match the resolution for each of your three or 6 monitors. You might also want to adjust the brightness so that your displays match.

Taskbar settings

You’ll probably find that your computer automatically extends your taskbar to show up on all your three or 6 monitor setup. Whilst that can be helpful, many people prefer to have the taskbar on only one screen. You then also customize where the different icons go on your taskbar.


Amazing wallpapers might not make you more effective in your work but it might make you feel happier. For example, it’s so awesome to have an incredible photo extended across all your three or 6 monitors. To do this, simply go to Personalize. Then, click on Span and your wallpaper will automatically spread across all your three or 6 monitors.


In case you haven’t experienced this yet, it’s actually quite easy to lose your cursor when you use a multi-monitor setup. That’s why both Windows and Mac have many shortcuts for you to leverage. Then again, it’s worth checking out DisplayFusion. This is the most commonly used tool to give you even more options for shortcuts.

Final Recommendations for Maximizing your 3 or 6 Monitor Setup

Getting the most out of any digital tool is all about exploring the right balance between hardware and software. So, make sure that you have the right computer power and graphics card specifications. Then, you can get the software to work for you by adjusting the settings and using the shortcuts. Not only will you be more productive but you’ll also enjoy your three or 6 monitor setup even more.

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