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Why You Sleep Better When You’re Cool

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If you’ve experienced the magical effects of sleeping in a cold room under a warm blanket, you probably already know first hand how much temperature can play a role in staying cozy through the night. If you’re currently looking out for ways to sleep better and you’re just not sure how to get started, turning down the AC in your room might just be a good place to begin.

A lot of research points to the fact that those who sleep in cooler rooms regularly get more consistent deep sleep than those who don’t. This is because our natural sleep cycle gets initiated when our core body temperatures drop. One of the easiest ways to sleep better through the night can simply be to sleep a little cooler.

So how exactly should you go about sleeping cooler? From setting the thermometer to the ideal temperature to choosing the best-rated mattress for a cool night’s sleep, there are plenty of ways you can ensure you’re snoozing cozily through the evenings.

The Benefits Of Sleeping In A Cold Room

As it turns out, there are plenty of benefits that come with sleeping in a cooler room. Research points to the fact you simply rest better when your bedroom is between the temperatures of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. In one study conducted by the University of South Australia, scientists actually found certain forms of insomnia are more likely to occur with poor body temperature regulation.

Other studies link the melatonin production that occurs as part of sleeping in cooler spaces with anti-aging properties. When melatonin is released in the body, it triggers a cool-down that allows for anti-aging hormones to take action – so sleeping in cooler rooms means quite literally getting your beauty sleep!

Sleeping cool is also more generally associated with deeper, calming sleep. This is because as your body temperature drops and other hormones kick in, cortisol, which is the hormone most associated with stress, actually takes a drop. Deeper sleep also means waking up with lower cortisol levels in your blood, which in turn makes for better mood regulation throughout the day.

Finally, sleeping in colder rooms can also seriously lower the risk of metabolic disease. In one study, published in the journal Diabetes, participants who slept in rooms of 66 degrees Fahrenheit actually burned more fat and stored fewer calories than those who did not.

Finding The Best Rated Mattress For Temperature Regulation

Searching through various mattress reviews and trying to get an understanding of what the best-rated mattress for temperature regulation might be can seem daunting. The best-rated mattress guides are there as a resource to help you make your decision, but nothing beats testing something out for yourself, so be sure to check the warranty guides before you go ahead and make your purchase.

The best-rated mattresses for temperature regulation tend to have a range of features in common that make them ideal for cooling down. For instance, most of the best-rated mattresses in the market tend to have some kind of additional layer for temperature regulation. The best-rated mattresses for cool sleep might also come with customization features for shared beds, which ensures that you and your partner are both sleeping at ideal temperatures.

While you’re on the lookout for mattresses that ensure you keep cool through the night, be sure to cross-reference a few different mattress review sites before making your final choice. Keep in mind personal preferences too – factors such as mattress firmness, type, and even size can all make significant differences to how you sleep through the night.

Other factors to take into consideration when choosing a mattress for your bedroom include external quality certifications and price point. While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest mattress on the market, remember it is often the case you get what you pay for, and the best-rated mattresses often come with lifetime warranties so that you know you’re making an investment rather than a one-off purchase.

How To Bring Down The Temperature Of A Hot Room

Whether you have the best-rated mattress for cooling or not, there is a wide range of other factors that might go into why your room feels stuffy. If you live in a naturally warmer country, you might struggle with keeping the heat out of your home without running into some exorbitant bills for air conditioning.

Try bringing down the temperature of your room by using naturally cooler shades when decorating, as well as curtains that are going to block any excess sunlight and therefore heat from being absorbed by your furniture. You may also want to invest in a cooling fan that you don’t have to keep running all day, unlike the air conditioner, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to cool yourself down.

The spacing of your bedroom furniture is also important when it comes to decorating your space. Even the best-rated mattress is going to absorb a lot of heat if your furniture is placed close together and does not have the breathing room to ‘exhale’ and let air circulate. Most interior decorators recommend at least two inches of walking space around all your bedroom furniture, so try to accomplish this at the very least when decorating your space.

Your bedding can play an equally significant role in how cool you feel through the night. Try and ensure you’re not using heat-trapping sheets – if you’re tossing and turning through the night, chances are you might be struggling for this very reason. Make sure to avoid using very bright, heat-radiating light as well to avoid internal heat sources causing disruption to your sleep cycles.

Ultimately, whether you have the best-rated mattress for a good night’s sleep or you’ve finally mastered your thermostat, getting to the bottom of why you sleep better when you’re in a colder room can make a big difference to your sleep cycles. With the right gear, you’ll be able to sleep better and cooler in no time.

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