Why You Need To Dress Your Passport Up

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Have you ever wondered why you need a holder for passports? Well, there are tons of answers to this question and many reasons why you need them!

Getting a passport is legit your ticket around the world, so you want to treat that privilege with great care. Not only does your passport hold all your travel memories in it with stamps from around the world, but it also is your only way to get in and out of countries. If it becomes too worn and torn, it won’t be valid for customs to clear!

And shopping is always fun. So why wouldn’t you want an excuse to shop for your passport? Well, in case you are needing some reasons why you should, here are five reasons why you need a holder for your passport—also known as a passport holder!

  1. Straight up protection

As mentioned earlier, you only get one valid passport at a time, so treat it with great care. If it is not protected and gets damaged, you will have to pay for a new one. But why waste your time and money going through that process when a passport holder is a solution to this? Especially when you are going on epic trips, you want to know that your passport will be protected the entire time, whether that be from weather, your bog being roughly handled at the airport, or just any other travel accident that can occur. Because the actual passport book is paper, you want a waterproof passport holder that will keep the book intact.

  1. It is super handy

Not only does a passport holder offer great protection, but it also is a super handy thing to have when you are traveling! Passport holders come in many different shapes and sizes, but all are designed to hold additional items as well! You can store your foreign currency in there, your plane, train or ferry tickets or even immigration papers! Keeping all your travel documents together is a great idea and a passport holder does just that!

  1. It is easy to identify

If you are traveling with a group, you may all be asked to hand over your passports at the same time. All covers of US passports look exactly the same, so it can get confusing trying to sort out whose is who. But When you have a unique passport cover, it is easy to pick it from the sea of passports and ensure that you have the one that is actually yours! It is a time saver and a liability saver—as having the wrong passport accidently could end up in disaster.

4 .Gives custom officers a reason to smile

Customs agents have a hard job and it also gets monotonous looking at the same type of identification for hours on end. Give your customs agent a reason to smile with your super cute or quicky passport holder! Not only will it be a conversation starter, but you will make what is usually a tedious experience a fun one!

  1. An extra sense of security

Not only does a passport cover offer security from weather or accidents, but it also protects your passport from thieves as well! When you travel overseas, there is a chance someone may try to pickpocket you. And the last thing you want stealing is your passport—trust us! By having a passport holder protecting your passport, the item becomes heavier, bigger, and more noticeable to you if it gets swiped from your bag. So for this reason many thieves don’t risk it as it is too big of an item that will get them noticed.

Why wouldn’t you get a passport cover? It’s cute, protects your valuable ticket around the world, and gives other people a reason to smile!

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