Why the freshness of coffee beans matters a lot?

coffee beans

If it means a lot to you to savor the flavor of your coffee; meaning that you’d like to take in the aroma, you take time to savor the robust notes on your tongue, feel the warmth on the back of your throat. Chances are you may want to drink the best of the best available.

If a cup of coffee is therapy for you, then this article will help you know how to achieve this experience every time. Have you ever wondered whether it made a difference whether you buy coffee beans, or whether you buy ground coffee? We’d like to help! You don’t have to be a barista to achieve the perfect cup! Instead, you can apply these few tips along with a bit of practice to achieve the perfect cup!


Coffee beans tend to be the best choice in comparison to ground coffee beans. The big deal is the flavor. There are many reasons why the pros would consider whole beans the better buy. Though coffee beans tend to be a bit pricier, the answer can be summed up in one word…flavor. This has to do with where they are derived from and the style of packaging.

You can really taste every pungent flavor, that you wouldn’t be able to make with ground beans. Coffee beans tend to come from better crops. If you want the best cup, then you should have the best coffee beans as the main ingredient. Although it should be noted that coffee beans should be used faster than ground coffee.


If you decide to buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee, you should know that making a great cup isn’t as simple as grounding up your coffee beans and making a cup. You should know that once you buy the best coffee beans, you have to grind them to the right consistency. They should be the right size in order to extract the best flavor and potency.

If the coffee is ground too small, then it could be very bitter and offensive. If they are too big, then they may not extract the flavor or potency that you’re looking for. This is where you may need a bit of practice. Every machine has different settings to choose from and so finding the right setting could take time. As a rule of thumb, buying a simple grinder may not do the job that you expect that it would.

You may be more impressed with a more advanced grinder that is durable with simpler settings. Perhaps buying a coffee maker with a grinder would make the process more convenient. Being able to adjust your ground-size is another plus that you can get when you buy whole coffee beans.


If you’re looking to make the perfect brew, then it also helps to know that there are different styles of brewing. You can do cold brew, which is a simple process that can be achieved by grounding your coffee beans and soaking them in water overnight.

The French press is another simple way to brew your coffee. In this process, you mix your freshly ground coffee beans with boiling water and pour them into a coffee press which separates the grounds from the essence of the coffee.

You also have espresso machines that brew by using pressurized hot water in order to extract the essence of the coffee. There are many to choose from, but these three are pretty common. Everyone has a preference, so it helps to know what style of coffee you love most! It also helps a good bit to use the best coffee beans of course!

Simple, huh? Buying whole beans could be the secret to getting the best cup you’ve ever made! The freshly ground coffee will not only fill your home with a peaceful, pungent aroma, but it will also taste amazing. Who knows, you may not have to go buy your coffee shop so often. Maybe you can impress some of your loved ones with an amazing brunch, and a fresh cup of coffee, that is truly unforgettable! Whole coffee beans are surely the way to go!

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