Why Silicone Rings Are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

Why Silicone Rings Are Perfect for an Active Lifestyle 1

If you’re a professional who works with your hands, an athlete or a weekend warrior, you probably remove your metal ring when you’re at work or working out. Catching your ring in equipment and suffering a finger injury is a motivator for many of you to pocket your ring. Silicone rings are an incredible alternative to suit your active lifestyle. Here are three reasons why they’re perfect for you and your pursuits.

1. Comfortable Fit

Whether you’re a kayaker, a climber or a machinist, a silicone ring allows you to display your commitment to your partner or show your style in comfort. Most silicone ring wearers hardly even feel the band on their finger, thanks to the material’s lightweight nature. Plus, the rings are heat-resistant and non-conductive. In contrast, metal bands are often bulky and uncomfortable, particularly during hot and cold weather. Heat can sometimes lead to painful swollen fingers, while rings can slip off cold fingers!

2. Safe Wear

You can wear silicone rings while working or recreating in a range of climates and conditions. If something catches or snags your silicone ring, it will break away and protect your finger from a traumatic injury. This kind of injury is also known as “ring avulsion.” If you work with your hands every day, silicone bands or rings allow you to do your job without stopping to remove jewelry. For this reason, they’re popular with firefighters, military personnel and outdoor professionals such as river guides.

3. Easy Upkeep

Most silicone rings feature antimicrobial medical-grade silicone, which makes them perfect for active lifestyles. Traditional metal rings can often trigger swollen fingers, irritated skin and allergic reactions. Many medical professionals choose to wear silicone versions not only for their antimicrobial properties but also because they pair well with surgical gloves – no snagging or tearing! Further, the rings are easy to clean, which can help you avoid skin irritations and allergic reactions. Simply soak them in a cup of warm water with a few drops of your preferred dish detergent.

Find Out More

If these three reasons appeal to your desire to wear a ring that complements your active lifestyle, you’re in for a treat. Silicone rings are highly customizable, from their color to their design. Designers can work with you to create silicone wedding bands or rings that are perfect for your style and needs. Browse retailers’ websites today for the ideas and products that can complement and enhance your active lifestyle.

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