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Why Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses Are Good for the Back

Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses
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Most people don’t care about the mattresses they use, as long as they get adequate sleep that is good enough. However, not all get to enjoy a good night’s sleep too. Some individuals have insomnia merely because they are sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses. Hence, they are awake almost the entire night. It may sound irrelevant, but it is imperative to buy the right kind of bed to get a sound sleep. In fact, others invest in durable Posturepedic mattresses because the benefits are numerous that every penny spent is worthwhile.

Posturepedic system

Aside from the fact that Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are what most orthopedics recommend as these use top-grade materials. Posturepedic beds that use a Posturepedic spring system is a patented design with more advanced features than an open coil spring system commonly used on mattresses. The materials on the mattress are latex to provide ultimate comfort. The sturdy latex core is responsible for giving instant support to the bodyweight of the person sleeping on it and complete relief from the back to the leg. In addition, the core has an antimicrobial feature that keeps dust mites away, making it the ideal bed for people sensitive to dust particles.

Making Posturepedic mattresses requires the removal of springs both on top and bottom parts. The coil that runs across the entire mattress holds the rows of springs; it acts as a hinge to allow each spring to follow the sleeper’s position. The rod found along the sides maintains the durability of the edge. Through this system, the bed conforms to the bodyweight of the sleeper. It works just like a mattress with an open coil.


High-quality, Sealy mattress designs come from consulting competent back experts. Through their inputs, the beds have distinct features to meet every person’s sleeping needs. Ensuring that the mattress delivers full support to the common pressure points on the body, is one of the main functions that top-grade bed manufacturers consider.

Furthermore, some mattresses go with additional features and add-ons like pillow topper, box coils, and titanium spring systems. The system makes the bed more appropriate and comfy for bed-sharing. Unlike in poor-quality mattresses, there are no usual sags and slumps, which are typical causes for the sleepers to roll to the center. With Posturepedic mattresses, they stay firm enough for both people to enjoy undisturbed sleep through the night.

Bed size

Beds come in different sizes, and buying the right size will contribute to the quality of sleep. Picking the kind of mattress is one thing; choosing the right size is another thing. The size has to be appropriate depending on the number of people sleeping on it at a time.

Twin-sized beds are suitable for one person. Not all adults find it comfortable sleeping on twin mattresses because of its narrowness. The size is roughly half of the regular king beds. On the other hand, full-sized Sealy mattresses can accommodate two people at the same time. However, most adults prefer to sleep on it alone because they can freely toss and turn. The size is between a queen and a king-sized type. For couples, king or queen-sized beds fit just right. They are spacious for two people to snuggle in their sleep.

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