Why People Choose Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers
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Flowers are a crucial part of decorating. Usually, people consider the beauty and elegance of floral arrangements in fresh flowers, but silk bouquets are also realistic and beautiful! Whether you want a colorful bunch for your kitchen counter, a bouquet for your wedding, or a centerpiece for your workplace table, here are the reasons to choose artificial flowers.

  1. They Are “Guest Ready”

You like having freshly cut flowers in your house, but you don’t always have the time to do it every day. If by any chance, an unexpected visitor pops in, there is a chance of them finding you unprepared. Silk flowers Australia offers will save the day because they don’t become stale.

  1. They Are Cost-Effective

Flowers are pretty pricey since they must grow, be cut, prepared, and arranged into bouquets. Although artificial flowers have a varying price range, they cost about half as much as flowering plants. Inexpensive silk flowers may not last for long or look as real as the costlier varieties. You can buy many bunches of artificial flowers to change the look for the price of one pack of real flowers.

  1. They Bring Life To Boardrooms

Work environments are often stressful, which is why having bright flowers is beneficial. They subconsciously keep you happy and positive. Plants and flowers also connect us to nature. Unfortunately, maintaining real flowers in your workplace can be hectic. You would require someone to change the floral arrangements frequently, which means you must employ additional labor. Thankfully, silk flowers offer similar benefits, and they don’t need much maintenance.

  1. They Are Allergen-Free

If you continuously catch allergies, you might feel the need to avoid flowers in your environment. Silk flowers look realistic, implying that you can use them in any setting. With an artificial floral arrangement, it is possible to decorate your home without having to take medication to prevent allergies.

  1. They Don’t Have An Expiration Date

Artificial flowers are sturdy and durable, unlike fresh ones that are susceptible to falling apart, tearing, or wilting. If you are walking down the aisle, having silk flowers for your bridal team is a smart idea. You can even keep it as a memento, long after the special day. Permanent flowers are ideal for home décor too. They don’t stay for five days like the fresh ones. If you can store and care for them properly, they can even last a lifetime. Thanks to their endless lifespan, they are ideal props in the entertainment industry. You can use them to film a movie scene to replace floral displays that wilt over time.

  1. They Aren’t Seasonal

Fresh flowers are usually seasonal because different types blossom at varying times. You don’t have to worry whether the bunch you have is in season or not, because artificial flowers aren’t planted. You can get any species you want at any time of the year. That is ideal, especially if you are planning a winter wedding and want to have the warm colors of summer flowers.

  1. They Are Easy To Transport

Irrespective of where you are going – whether it is a banquet hall or a new home, silk flowers will last for as long as you need them. Fresh flowers require special care during transportation; otherwise, they will wilt because of the extreme heat. Artificial flowers are resistant, so the shape and color don’t deteriorate. Instead, they blossom quickly and will be thriving by the time you arrive at your destination.

  1. They Are Eco-Friendly

Believe it or not, artificial bouquets are more environmentally friendly than the real ones. It is because of how fresh bouquets are shipped. Since they have a prolonged life span, silk flowers can be transported using Eco-friendly modes like by sea or train. However, fresh flowers have a short expiration date and must be shipped fast before they wilt. Therefore, they use air freight, which isn’t so friendly to nature.

The decision between buying fresh or artificial flowers lies in personal preference. Remember that permanent flowers are ideal and have more to offer than their fresh counterparts. Since modern silk flowers look realistic, you wouldn’t even tell them apart.

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