Why Fire Departments Should Adapt to Rugged Technology

Rugged Technology
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First responders are more reliant than ever before on tech to increase their situational awareness and operational safety on every call. Technologies that enhance communications, safety, and data systems support the level of preparation and situational awareness at the scene.

Fire departments require leading technology that can support firefighters and rescue teams to aid the public in high-risk situations effectively. From taking preventative measures in times of crisis to ensuring the safety of their crewmembers, fire departments depend on computer technology to improve the efficiency of first responders and reduce the time it takes to get the job done safely and accurately.

However, not all devices are compatible with or durable enough for public safety environments. To withstand the unpredictable nature of a fire department, computers and equipment must have the capability to survive the rough handling and harsh operating conditions of fire and rescue operations. Even the toughest machines can’t always mobilize with responders when they’re out of the vehicle and on foot, at the scene.

You need high-quality and waterproof rugged computers that are dependable in any situation, and here’s why.

Remote Connectivity

It’s not enough to deploy a device that can connect to data systems. First responders need uninterrupted connectivity to dispatch and other crewmembers while driving, no matter how remote the incident location. Consider the rugged devices from Small PC — a manufacturer that specializes in high-performance technology solutions. Their systems include a specialized intelligent power supply that’s custom-designed for vehicle operation. Your system will remain connected, even in remote or secluded areas.


Consumer technology devices aren’t built with the proper protections to endure the hard use inherent in emergency response. A crisis can occur anytime, anywhere, and in any place. Fire departments need durable, rugged devices that are resistant to water, dust, extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. It’s also essential for crewmembers to quickly clean and wipe down all hardware without damaging anything. Look for models that have a Sunlight Readable Display — these are screens designed specifically to provide a sharp image regardless of intense sunlight.


First responders and firefighters need the very latest in high-performance Intel CPUs and other required devices. Rugged technology can support your agency’s software and be every PC you need it to be — in the office or at the scene of a crisis.

You can find rugged devices that are compatible with your back-office operating systems and accessories that support your agency’s working environment. Compatible rugged technology will prevent pricey data silos caused by different systems that don’t share information.


Fire departments need technology that’s dependable and efficient, no matter what the situation. Rugged devices are specifically made to withstand challenging work environments and are designed to accommodate tough, dangerous jobs in harsh conditions. With the right industrial-grade computers, you’ll have constant access to the information, applications, and back-up systems you need.

As a firefighter or first responder, your job is stressful enough. The last thing you want to think about is technology. You can focus on getting the job done with rugged devices that will optimize your office and your vehicle.

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