Why Buying a Moissanite Engagement Ring Is a Good Idea


Compared to previous generations, millennials’ attitudes and trends around getting married have changed. It used to be said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For over a century, diamonds have been associated with romance. Yet today, romance is aligned with higher goals of social responsibility. Today’s couples have moved away from diamonds and other precious stones because of their cost, and the damage that mining their causes to the environment and the societies in which these gemstones are mined. Romance today encompasses ethical and social concerns and it’s for this reason that moissanite engagement rings have become so popular. As Gen Z shoppers start moving into the engagement ring market, moissanite has become more popular. Moissanite stands out among a range of alternatives to diamonds. You can learn about various types of jewelry and their possible prices, on this website:

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a very rare mineral which can also be produced in a lab. This means that, unlike diamonds and other gemstones that harm the environment, these gemstones do no harm to the environment. Quantities of naturally occurring moissanite are so rare that they are hardly enough to cut gemstones. Fortunately, lab-manufactured moissanite is readily available and presents a wide range of advantages when compared to other cut stones.

Is it worth the fuss?

When cut, moissanite is comparatively cheaper than a diamond, just as durable and radiates in brilliance. Diamonds are priced beyond the reach of many and on this count, moissanite offers just as much sparkle and style for much less. In addition, diamonds might be the hardest of gemstones and moissanite is not much softer. In fact, it comes a close second. Such qualities translate to near equal durability. Even better, ethical concerns are out of the question because moissanite is synthetic. This makes it less of a concern regarding ethical issues such as source of gemstone and type of labor used. One area of difference where the two gemstones might differ quite markedly is in the range of colors that they show. To start off, both diamonds and moissanites appear transparent. However, diamonds can also appear in other colors while moissanite might largely be limited to yellow or greenish colors. This difference is one that manufacturers have begun to work on.

Choosing a moissanite ring

Considering how well moissanite fares against diamonds, it is little surprise that it outshines other rings such as cubic zirconia. However, for those keen on exploring this synthetic gemstone, comparability with diamonds is no excuse to be too relaxed when choosing a moissanite ring. Being on the lookout for a quality ring all starts with ensuring that one knows a good price, is not drawn-in by gemstone size alone and keeps a look out for imperfections. Choice of ring forms the basis of a well thought proposal and can impress a woman as well as creative cabinets & fine finishes. Selection must be done well. All in all, whichever generation one is in, moissanite presents value for money and very little ethical agonizing.

Moissanite engagement rings marry the magic of romance with the joy of knowing that you are doing something that is socially and environmentally responsible. That it’s cheaper than buying diamonds without losing any of the luster of owning a diamond ring, is just a bonus!

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