Why Are Businesses Focusing More on Visual Marketing?

Visual Marketing

Are you still writing out those articles and blog posts? You know, the ones with a great title but very little real value. Why are you going in this never-ending circle? No one is paying attention and your traffic is not increasing. You are not getting more sales by doing this. We gotta tell you! You are doing things too old school. It’s time to step up your game. People just don’t read anymore and there is too much-written content out there. It’s a visual world today and if you want to have an effective online presence you need to keep up with the content trends – and the latest innovation is visual content marketing.

People just don’t have the time to read about everything they want to learn. Sure, spacing out content and condensing its length is good, but it can only do so much. That’s why visuals are invaluable to your long term marketing strategy.

Investing in visual marketing increases your brand awareness and get your customers to understand your content. Studies show that we process visual information a lot faster than text. Consumers only retain about 20% of what they read but they retain about 80% of the visuals they come into contact with. We are visual beings and when information is presented in a more visual way, we are more likely to remember it.

Visual content allows for content to be used among many different platforms, making it more versatile than other forms of marketing. There are basically two types of visual methods that work for marketing: Infographics, memes, videos, branded images.


This type of visual takes complex data or larger amounts of text and conveys it in a visual way. It makes statistics easier to understand. However, an infographic needs to be set up and structured in a way that is pleasing on the eye and makes the information more digestible. Because the image portrays the information so well, it is important that the design and layout be pleasing. The colours need to be pleasing on the eye and lead the visitor to the next bit of information so the viewer can understand everything in a few seconds.

The best way to get a pleasing infographic is to use the experienced design services of a qualified graphic designer like in Design Pickle. However, if you do insist on doing things yourself, you can avail yourself of programs like Canva or Photoshop.


Memes are a tough way to brand your content but they are very trendy. A meme is a funny image with some type of quick one to three-word joke. These are images that people share on social media platforms, blogs, email, and other sharing sites. If you are witty and ironic, you might be able to come up with that genius meme that everyone will want to share.

Graphs and Charts

Graphs are another way to get information to your customers. People love statistics, but they like looking at the numbers and graphs that demonstrate your truth. But don’t just add stats to the page, you need to help the viewer visualize them with colour-coded graphs in a bar graph or in a pie chart.

Cartoons and Comics

People love comics because they are easy to read and understand. You can add a bit of text to some fun vectors and this adds that visual interest you need.


Videos are another form of marketing. Most marketers use videos to show, teach or explain how a service or product solves a particular pain point. There are different types of videos you can use to enhance your sales or business strategy. You might need basic how-to videos or an informational video that your customers can quickly view to get an idea of how your service can solve their problem.

Which Type of Video to Use

The type of video you use needs t aligns with your brand. Videos can help people interact with your company and understand your quality and product.

Branded Images

The place to use branded images is in the body of the text. This is a good way to split up the body of the text to make sure the information is read. But this only works when the images are branded to your content, add relevancy and are of high quality. You can create your own branded images using Pixlr or PicMonkey, but again it is always best to ask for help from a professional.

Visual content is about telling your story through images, videos or graphics. It means standing out from the crowd, making yourself different from everyone else. Visual content gives your customers something to really see and engage with. It helps people connect with you and through that connection improve your revenue. Visuals need to be a part of everyone’s business strategy.

Heather Breese
Heather Breese is a qualified writer who fell in love with creativity and became a specialist creator and writer, focused on readers and market need.

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