What’s the Difference Between LOC & LCO Method and Which is Right for You

LOC & LCO Method

The natural hair movement is all about empowering women through science-backed methods. Of course, that won’t reduce even an ounce of the raw emotion you get from the community. But, you get to use their knowledge and experience and use it to your advantage.

So, the first thing you probably learn is going to be about LOC and LCO methods. Now, the probability is high that you are going to wonder which works for your hair?

Luckily, there are many factors to help you decide which is better for your hair type. There is much more to the debate of the LOC method vs. the LCO method.

LOC vs. LCO Method

Liquids, oils, and creams compose both LOC and LCO methods. The position of the letter dictates the order of products you use during the hair routine. So, when you use the LOC routine, you use liquids, oil, and cream. While with the LCO routine, you use liquid, cream, and oil.

Isn’t that, like, pretty identical?

To your surprise, the answer is both no and yes. The methods consist of the same products and same methodology. Yet, the way you perform the sequence has a significant impact on your hair and its health.

Stop worrying. Each method provides your hair with benefits. And, that that is not about either hair method is better than the other.

Strive to find the method that works the best for your hair.

LOC Method

When you take your first steps in the natural hair community, it all sounds confusing. For now, remember that when you need more moisture, you should stick with the LOC method. When you use the LOC method, you use the liquid to soften your hair first. After that, add oil for additional hair moisture. Then, add cream for the final touch.

LOC methods work best for new natural hair or girls that recently got into the natural hair community. Also, you should use the LOC method when you have high hair porosity. e

Also, LOC methods are much better if you prefer to use raw ingredients in your hair routine. The women that take the label natural seriously tend to look for organic ingredients over natural products.

That could be an excellent thing if you recently went natural. In that case, your hair needs every ounce of nutrients it can get from organic ingredients. Remember to check your hair porosity, and if it is high, go with the LOC method.

LCO Method

However, if you need less moisture and want to improve your hair go with the LCO method. With LCO, you use the liquid to soften your hair first. Then, use creams to add more volume to your hair. Lastly, feed the hair with oils and let it soak up the nutrients.

The LCO method is more advanced, and it rests on your ability to gauge what your hair needs for the next stage.

Use it to lower your hair porosity and want to build on the existing qualities of your hair. While the LCO method offers excellent results, it requires that you take your hair with a direct attitude.

For that, you want to spend more time studying products and ingredients. And, you want to research organic ingredients to achieve a specific effect when you apply them.

When you approach your hair with such an attitude, the LCO method can help you achieve a fantastic look.

Hair Care Routine

However, even when you know that, it doesn’t mean you should opt for either method yet. You should choose your haircare method based on your hair care routine and your budget.

For example, you want to go with the LCO method. What is going to happen when your budget runs dry, unable to afford expensive products?

Well, this may sound counterintuitive, but don’t go for that routine. Instead, use help from fellow women in the natural hair community to find the solution.

You may find an alternative way to perform the routine you like.

Shower Routine

Start with the basics. Most women do the whole routine while in the shower. That is because your follicles open to receive nutrients during exposure to water. Then, the hair may receive more nutrients.

Another thing to think about is how you perform your shower routine. You rinse your hair regardless, so it is the perfect situation to add more products. While in the shower, you can add the liquids and the cream. But, once you add the oil, remember to let your hair soak in the oil.

The shower may be the best moment to perform the whole routine. At least, it is for the newcomers who are turning natural.

Pre-Shower Routine

However, as you get more experienced, you should put more effort into your pre-shower routine. Still, the pre-shower hair routine is the least effective when it is a part of the pre-shower routine. But that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect it.

For example, you can use Chebe powder as a part of the pre-shower routine. But, you can’t add liquids to dry hair.

You can opt for pre-shower treatment since it is not viable for both LOC and LCO methods. Find a way to use the pre-shower routine in any way you can for the best results.

It still can do something for your hair.

Post-Shower Routine

Yet, a post-shower routine is a different story. For example, a post-shower routine works rather well with the LCO method. You can take a shower and then add the creams and liquids. After you step out of the shower, add the oils, let them soak, and rinse them out.

In theory, each hair routine has three parts. It should consist of a pre-shower routine, shower routine, and post-shower hair routine.

But, you can do it however you want. Experiment as much as you can, combine routines, and find what works the best for your hair. That is what the whole natural hair movement is all about, regardless of the methods you are using.

Organic Products

Finally, you know a lot about methods. It is time to learn a thing or two about products. Organic products are what makes both LOC and LCO methods work.

When you shop for organic products, you have to know what to look for. Liquids are hair products like shampoos and moisturizers. Creams are hair softeners like conditioners and similar products you use with shampoos. Oils are natural ingredients you may find as ready-to-use products or use them in the raw form.

In the end, you need a proper mixture of products to make the methods work for you. For a beginner, keep a simple routine. Still, if you have a hard time planning a routine, stick to the shampoo, moisturizer and jojoba oil.

Never stop learning about products if you want the best results for your hair.

Natural Ingredients

Also, keep learning about natural ingredients. They can take you a long way regardless of the methods you use.

But, take it easy. Invest your first money in something simple like jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is a common raw ingredient. It works for both an experienced woman in the natural community and a complete newbie alike.

There are other products as well. However, it all comes down to finding what works for your hair.

Find What Works For You

Finding what works for your hair is a journey that takes years to complete. Even with the available advice, look at what gives your hair the best look.

After enough experimentation, you will find a perfect hair routine. That’s what it takes to grow a natural weave.


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