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What You Got To Know About Condensing Boiler And How To Repair It.

Boiler repair

Do you want to change your boiler and have you heard of the condensing boiler?

The condensing boiler is one of the most efficient on the market, we will explain why it is a profitable investment.

Find out below:

  • The operation of the condensing boiler
  • Characteristics of the high energy performance boiler
  • Aid you can benefit from
  • An efficient condensing boiler
  • Provides you with heating and hot water
  • Up to 30% savings (1)
  • Eligible for tax credit and public aid (2)
  • Up to € 1,200 in Coup de Pouce bonus (3)

Need a new boiler?

How does the condensing boiler work?

The boiler produces heat by burning natural gas.

In a standard or low temperature boiler, the fumes and water vapor from the combustion of natural gas are released into the atmosphere instead of being fully exploited.

Instead of discharging them into the atmosphere, the condensing boiler collects these fumes, cools them to create water vapor, and condenses this vapor to take advantage of their thermal energy.

It will allow you to save up to 30% (1) in energy savings on your heating bill, compared to 20% for a conventional boiler.

The advantages of the condensing boiler

3 strong points to remember:

The first advantage of the condensing boiler is to make you realize significant savings thanks to a heating system more efficient than a conventional boiler. Count up to 30% savings on your bill!

These energy savings are also good for the planet! They limit your use of fossil fuels and reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Installing a condensing boiler entitles you to a 30% tax credit, which compensates for a higher purchase price.

Choosing a high energy performance condensing boiler: an investment you will not regret!

A condensing boiler is said to have Very High Energy Performance if it has an ETAS greater than 92% (Seasonal energy efficiency) (4).

To find out, ask your heating plumber or on the boiler brand website. This is one of the conditions to benefit from the tax credit and the Coup de Pouce bonus.

Don’t hesitate, compare the condensing boilers

Performance, price, brands … Using our simulator, compare all the condensing boilers referenced by our manufacturing partners.

The simulator offers you the most suitable boiler, depending on the consumption of your accommodation. Your heating plumber will also guide you in your choice, do not hesitate to ask him for advice.

Compare boilers

The condensing boiler, soon mandatory!

Condensing boilers will gradually replace older generations of devices on the market. Boiler manufacturers are now required to only make boilers with good yields / with an ETas greater than 86%.

The installation of a gas boiler service of the low temperature type remains possible but only in certain specific cases (in the case of boilers installed in apartments and connected to collective flues).

The boiler repairer

You can call either a heating plumber or a boiler expert to repair your heating installation:

The plumber remains the most affordable craftsman with a price that varies between 40 and 80 € per hour.

If you decide to hire a heating expert, the bill will go up to € 150 an hour.

These prices obviously do not include those for replacement parts but just the labor. The bottom line is that each boiler repairer can set their own rates.

It is therefore ideal to request a boiler repair quote before the intervention, to be fixed on the cost of the intervention.

Tip: travel costs for the professional must also be taken into account. As much as possible, use the nearest convenience store.

What premiums for repairing a boiler?

For the time being, there is no system in place to finance all or part of a boiler repair.

However, you can benefit from reduced VAT for the repair of an HPE (or high energy performance) boiler.

The benefit of this reduced VAT is nevertheless conditioned by the intervention of a professional with a certification including RGE certification, to be discovered in this article.

Financial aid generally only applies in the context of the replacement of a boiler. When it becomes necessary to replace your boiler, you can thus rely on the boiler tax credit but also the aid and subsidies of the ANAH.

The ideal is then to opt for an environmentally friendly boiler, to benefit from the best possible aids.

Are you looking for a repairer to work on your boiler? In this case, we invite you to complete the form at the bottom of this page, to receive free of charge up to five quotes for the repair of a boiler.

The gas condensing boiler allows you to reduce your gas consumption by up to 25% at a very reasonable price. Thanks to the savings made and to the various aids reducing this cost, this gas boiler pays for itself in 6 years maximum.

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