What to Print on My Custom Mylar Bags to Increase Sales

Custom Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are growing in popularity within the food and supplement industry. Since they offer flexible packaging for a variety of products, many suppliers see them as a must. However, with so much competition, it’s essential to create custom packages that appeal to your market and that build brand awareness. Here are seven things to include on your custom package.

Eye-Grabbing Art

Studies show that many consumers purchase on impulse. This means they often buy products that make them feel good or that elicit an emotional attachment. Custom mylar bags with vivid colors and eye-grabbing art are more likely to attract buyers because they appeal to their senses and create a positive emotional attachment.

Nutrition Facts

If you’re packaging food products, it’s required by the Food and Drug Administrations that a nutrition label must be present on most products with consumable contents. Nutrition labels should comply with specific health standards and requirements established by the FDA. Any nutrition claims should also be legally accurate and not make any false promises. Check with your state and local government for additional guidelines and best practices.


Limited-time promotions often appeal to buyers, and including promotional advertising on your packaging could potentially help you increase sales. Studies show that 69% of consumers claim that they would purchase a promotional product if it seemed useful. Once you get your product into consumers’ hands, its quality will speak for itself.

Descriptive Copy

Words are powerful when it comes to selling your product. They can either increase sales or destroy them. This is why word choice on your packaging is crucial. Descriptive copy should be simple, easily digestible and iconic. When combined with appropriate artwork, promotional copy creates brand awareness and keeps buyers coming back.

Photos of Product

Buyers like to see your product in action. Including product photos on your packaging shows buyers precisely what they’re getting and helps create a sense of trust. Since images are what buyers base their initial impression on, using memorable photos is essential. Recent studies show that images with the following characteristics are the most effective when selling a product:

  • Product against a white background
  • A close-up of the product with little empty space
  • Images in high quality and with a clear focus

Grainy images with low pixels often distract buyers, which could lead to lost sales.

Unique Packaging

Many suppliers use the packaging itself to appeal to buyers. Generally, consumers are more interested in a product wrapped in a special box, bag or bin. For example, child resistant mylar bags appeal to parents with small children. This packaging strategy may entice parents to purchase something in a mylar bag over other potential options.

Positive Reviews

Research shows that people are more likely to buy a product when it includes positive reviews, especially if those reviews come from a recognizable brand. In fact, 72% of consumers won’t buy a product until they’ve read reviews or researched the product.

Any of these strategies could potentially increase your sales. Look into customized flexible packaging to make your product stand out and get it into more customers’ hands.

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