What to Look for in a High-Quality Adult Tricycle

High-Quality Adult Tricycle
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Adult tricycles are becoming more popular with millennials and other generations due to their unique ride design and convenient features. Opting for a three-wheel bike over the traditional two-wheel style gives riders more control over the way they get from place to place. This form of transportation is a great way to add some exercise to the day or check off errands on a to-do list. Three-wheeled bikes are used for delivery tricycles, exercise bikes and leisure trikes and helping people become more active and healthy. Here is what to look for when shopping for a trike.

Handlebar Styles

Trikes have a variety of different handlebar styles that impact the way you operate them. Most tricycles for adults are manufactured with three types of handlebar options. The most popular look for handlebars on a trike is the traditional style, which positions the handlebars a little lower than shoulder height. Some trikes come with a chopper style handlebar that mimics a motorcycle look. These handlebars are positioned above the shoulders and require more range of motion for operation. There is also a loop style of handlebar that allows for easy operation without too much effort.

Seat Comfort

The seat you choose for your adult tricycle can make the ride much more comfortable and enjoyable. The standard bike seat or saddle seat is an option if you want more versatility and range of motion during your ride. Some trikes are equipped with a wider and taller seat to allow for extra support for the back and hips. A full seat that gives more support may be best for people with chronic pain or joint issues.

Brake Options

Equipping your trike with the most effective braking system is another way to get exactly what you want and need when shopping for this style of bike. Brakes on an adult tricycle come in two different styles, hand brakes and the foot braking system activated by the pedals. It may be smart to choose both to give yourself the safest ride.

Biking Position

Adult tricycles also come in different positions depending on how you want to use your trike. The standard upright position tricycle is a good choice for making deliveries and riding around the neighborhood at a slower pace. Recumbent bikes are also a possible choice for those who want to use their trike for cardio exercise and racing. Some electric tricycles for sale may also feature a semi-recumbent position to give bikers a smooth ride while experiencing maximum comfort.


After selecting the basics for your adult tricycle, then you can start picking out additional accessories to add to your bike and customize it for your lifestyle. Many trikes feature a spacious basket in the back to give them a place to store items for deliveries or shopping trips. Safety features, such as lights and flags for visibility, should be added to the trike, especially if you plan on riding at night.

An adult tricycle can be a great addition to your life if you want to get outside more and explore your neighborhood and the surrounding area in a new way. Leave your car at home and go for a ride in a trike that has the top features and a unique style just for you.

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