What to Do If You’ve Been Injured at Work?

What to Do If You've Been Injured at Work? 1
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Workplace injuries can occur anytime, and they pose huge setbacks for you, your family, and the company you’re working with. Work accidents can have you worrying about how serious the injury is and who’ll take care of the medical bill.

Fortunately, thanks to worker’s compensation, you can worry less. A worker’s compensation can help you handle the financial situation that’ll arise due to any workplace injury.

However, take note that it’s not always a smooth process. This is because some employers are not willing to meet your compensation claims. This is the reason why you need a personal injury lawyer and follow the required steps to ensure your compensation claim is met.

The following steps can guide you on what to do in case of a work accident.

  1. Focus On Your Injury First

When injured, it’s always best if you focused on your health first. After an accident, you should seek first aid from the workplace’s first aider. The first aider will attend to your injury and assess if you need further medical attention.

If left unattended, some injuries can be fatal, which is why you need to be safe first. After ensuring that you’re safe, you can then claim your compensation.

  1. Report Your Injury

Since employers can deny compensation claims if you don’t immediately report the injury, it’s important to report any injury to your employer as soon as possible. In the report, you need to be specific about how the accident happened and where it happened. Otherwise, you may not get compensated.

Regardless of the injury reporting policies, you should ensure that there’s an official accident report that’ll act as proof that the report was submitted. You should also get a personal copy of the official report.

It’s also important to notify other employees that can be your witness in case of any disputes. A workplace colleague will keep you posted and will also step up for you in ensuring that there are no alterations made to the report in any way that can make you lose the compensation claim.

  1. Get Some Medical Care

To help you fully recover from your injury, you need medical attention. If it’s the first time, it’s important to let the doctor know that the injury is work-related. If the medical report doesn’t state that the injury was work-related, employers and insurance companies can deny compensation. The doctor should also record all information on your medical records.

You also need to follow all instructions your doctor tells you. This is also proof that you received medical care.

If your injury requires more medical attention, fill out the MG-2-New York State Workers’ Compensation Form to request more tests or treatments outside of the medical treatment guidelines.

  1. Keep Records Of Meetings

Keep track and keep records of meetings you have with your employer’s representatives and the insurance company. Keep records of every conversation you have–the time, the date, witnesses, and even the venue.

All of this information can be presented as evidence in case of any misunderstandings.

  1. Keep A Record Of Your Personal Activities

Apart from the meetings, you should also keep a record of your daily activities after the injury. You should keep track of days that you’re absent from work and medical expenses you paid for during the time. This will help you get compensated for any finances you used out of pocket.

  1. Consult A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

To help you fill the workers’ compensation claim, you can seek an attorney’s help. Sometimes, going through the compensation process can be challenging. You have to deal with stubborn owners and insurance companies, and that’s why you need a worker’s compensation lawyer to help you through.

Regardless of the severity of the sustained injuries, it’s best to look for a lawyer who’ll make sure you get the medical attention you need and that you get paid while you’re absent from work.

  1. Learn About Your Rights

Workers’ compensation law can be difficult to understand. It’s true that you don’t need to know all about the compensation law, but you can learn about the basics, which will give you a clear picture of what to do to get compensated.

Learning about your rights can help you build strong claims, helping you through the compensation process.


Getting compensated after a workplace injury is a right every employee should have. Sometimes, the compensation process is not as easy as it seems, but that’s why there are workers compensation lawyers.

Compensation lawyers will make sure that you’re well attended to and that you’re fully compensated.

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