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What To Consider When Finding Your Perfect Furnace


As the cold season draws near, it’s crucial to have a well-functioning furnace to ensure the comfort of your home. If you recently moved to a new property or planning on replacing the current furnace with a new, more efficient model, it’s crucial to find the perfect one. Furthermore, you should be aware of the things to consider in your selection process. You can learn about the best way to renovate your home without spending much money, on this website: http://www.buildgreenatlantic.org

Among homeowners, the furnace is one of the significant investments they’ll make at some point, especially when an aging furnace is close to retiring or ridden with major issues. If you want to buy a new furnace but are hesitant to spend a hefty amount of money on it, it’s high time to consider it a worthy investment. A furnace plays an essential role in providing your home with the ideal environment for years to come.

If it’s your first time purchasing a new furnace, here are several important considerations to help you find the suitable one for your home. 


For most homeowners, the price is also a factor to consider. It would be best to think about the installation costs and the extra accessories with the unit.  

The price of a furnace will vary depending on its size, efficiency rating, and indoor air quality features. While it’s not advisable to spend more than you can afford, it’s always best to select one suitable for your needs.


During the selection process, go for the right furnace size. In choosing the right furnace size, you can ensure that your home is heated evenly. Make sure to select one that’s not too small or too large for your property.  

If you want to know the right size for your home, consider consulting a professional. Checking out reliable heating services providers would be an excellent place to start in finding the correct one. 

Fuel Source 

The fuel for your furnace will depend on the available connections you have in your house.  The standard varieties of fuel sources include: 

  • Oil: An oil-powered furnace is more common among older properties. It works by transporting burner oil to a pump, where it combines with air to generate heat. An oil-based furnace is more efficient, durable, and capable of producing more heat than other types of furnaces on the market.
  • Electric: An electric furnace is something to consider if you want a cleaner option. But take note that it consumes more electricity. However, if the electricity cost in your area is low, an electric-based furnace might be a good option.
  • Gas: A gas furnace can generate heat quickly. It’s popular among homeowners for its affordable price range and ease of operation. In case you don’t have gas lines leading to your home, make sure to prepare for the extra installation cost.

The Kind Of Furnace System

Heater 1

Today, furnaces are available as split or packaged units on the market. Each type has its share of advantages and drawbacks you need to be familiar with to decide which one works best for your home. 

If you choose a packaged heating system, know that the product contains all the crucial elements to keep your home warm and cozy. A technician installs the unit on the roof or outside your home. The system is easy to install and store, making it convenient even for small houses. The downside to this kind of system is that it deteriorates easily due to rust and exposure to outside elements.

Meanwhile, in a split system, several components will be installed for it to function efficiently. A technician would have to install the box outside and the other components inside your home. You can find the compressor and condenser outside, and the evaporator and furnace inside. You may expect a split system to have a longer life span. However, the installation process can be challenging and its bulky components may take up more space. 

Temperature Settings 

The temperature the furnace produces is also an important consideration. During the selection, you’ll choose between a single-stage or two-stage model. A single-stage device may create heat at the same temperature once it’s turned on, but a two-stage type provides varying heat levels throughout its operation.   

A single-stage furnace works at full capacity at all times. However, a two-stage furnace operates at a low capacity by default. If the low setting cannot provide enough warmth, it automatically switches to a high-capacity setting.  Although a single-stage furnace comes at an affordable price range, a two-stage unit is more efficient, making it a better choice in the long run.  

Blower Speed 

The speed of the blower is also a factor to think about when selecting a furnace. You can go for either a fixed-speed or variable-speed model, both of which use a motorized fan to pump warm air throughout your house via ductwork.

There’s only one speed at which the blower circulates the warm air in a fixed-speed model while a variable-speed unit produces warm air at different speeds. An advantage of a variable-speed model is that it starts at the lowest speed to reach the ideal temperature. If it fails to achieve a suitable level of warmth in your home, the blower speed will increase gradually.

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right furnace is crucial to ensure superior comfort for your home, especially during the cold season. The selection process can become difficult if you’re unaware of the important factors to consider in choosing a furnace. By consulting a reliable and professional HVAC technician, and with the help of these insightful tips, you’ll be able to find the right one for your home.

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