What To Consider When Evaluating A Shopfitting Company


If you are starting a new business, you need to get all the necessary details right from the beginning. Once you know what kind of a business you want to start, it is time to look for the resources to facilitate that. The first thing is finding a business shop or premise. After that, you have to find the best shopfitting company to install shop fittings in your shop. With the best shop fittings, you will manage your inventory correctly and without much of a hassle. Again, proper shop fittings improve your business’s appeal, and customers will be happy to walk in and shop with you.

There are plenty of shopfitters in the market, but you have to ensure you work with the best one for the best services. With a skilled shopfitting company such as KAS shopfittings, it will be easier to determine what type of shop fittings best suit your business type and stock. Since you are going to be evaluating various companies, here are the key factors to assess.

First, analyze your needs.

Before you start looking for a shopfitting company, analyze your business needs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of a business are you starting?
  • What are you selling?
  • What kind is stock do you need to display?
  • What is your budget?

Identify your target population and find out their shopping habits and what interests them. For instance, if you want to sell shoes, you need good display shelves to showcase the latest fashion in the market. If you wish to attract shoppers, you need to create a good ambiance for your target market by installing the best shop fittings.

Range of services offered.

There is a wide range of shop fittings in the market, all designed to suit different businesses and budgets. Check the types of services the shopfitting company offers before you hire them. Skilled shopfitters usually provide a wide range of services such as glass shelves, shop counters, wooden shelves, perforated panels, grid panel systems, etc. Work with a shopfitting company that provides plenty of shopfitting services.


In today’s very competitive business world, standing out from the larger crowd is imperative. Is the shopfitting company is innovative? Whether you are establishing your business in a mall or standalone shop, the shopfitters should be creative to install shop fittings that capture customers’ attention. A shop that is elegant and fascinating gives your business a boost even during tough economic times.

Attention to detail

One of the secrets to bringing a business to life is ensuring that every small detail is in place. Look at the shopfitting company’s previous works. Small things such as the use of harmonious colors brighten the appeal of a shop and attract customers.


The years the shopfitting company has been in operation matters a lot. The more the experience, the more quality their services are.

Total transformation

Skilled and experienced shopfitters can transform an empty business space by bringing out all the potential in every space. They can bring out details that make the space come alive with your business vision.

The takeaway

Your shop’s appearance can make or break your business. a great-looking space is beneficial to capture customers’ attention and make inventory easier.

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