What is Android Auto?

Android Auto

Safety on the road is very important. Google realized this quite quickly and took a number of measures to minimize the situations in which you will have to reach for a smartphone while driving. The manufacturer came to the right conclusion that some functions should be available from the level of the car, without taking your eyes off the road.

A brief history of Android Auto

The software was officially announced at the Google I/O event in 2014. The first public version was made available back in 2015. Since then, its popularity has continued to grow, and Google continues to add new features to the system to make it better and easier to use.

How to connect Android Auto with your car?

There are at least three ways to do this. But first, you need to make sure that your car is compatible with this standard. Android Auto is quite widely used nowadays, but there are still some manufacturers who do not support Android Auto.

If your car is on the official list of vehicles supported by Android Auto (you can find the list online), then you should be able to connect Android Auto to your car via Bluetooth or, in older vehicles, via USB cable.

If the radio from the manufacturer of your car does not support Android Auto, you can still use the app. You just need to buy a radio from another brand that provides compatibility with this application. Usually, it is enough to look for a characteristic Google robot icon on the box.

What functions does Android Auto offer?

It is certainly worth pointing out that Android Auto makes it possible to fully integrate your phone book with the vehicle. Thanks to this, you can quickly make (or receive) phone calls using the navigation menu of the radio or the steering wheel switches.

Google has also been developing its maps for many years. They are one of the biggest assets of Android Auto. If your car has a radio with a built-in display, you can display the map on the screen. If you do not have a large screen, the system will automatically switch to voice navigation.

Nothing prevents you from playing your own music or podcasts in the car. The list of supported apps is growing. Android Auto is fully compatible with YouTube, Spotify and many applications that offer streaming of local online radio stations. Android Auto will also allow you to receive text messages, as well as full compatibility with Google Assistant.

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