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What Is A Mezzanine Floor And What Are Its Benefits?

Mezzanine Floor

You must have heard a lot about the mezzanine floor if you are a part of an industrial job or working on-site in a factory.

In industrial floor planning applications, the mezzanine floors are basically semi-permanent floors that are generally installed within two permanent original stories of a building to add more working space.

These are typically famous for the industrial spaces to add an extra room for storage, tools, or essential materials. However, it can also be a part of shops or similar locations with high roof floors to utilize the free space to store important stuff or stock.

To find out more about them, give this article a quick look.

What Are Mezzanine Floors?

A mezzanine or an intermediate floor is a middle floor between two already-built or main floors of any building, built to cover a particular area to utilize the spare space to its fullest.

Since they are installed between the space of two basic floors of a building, it is not typically counted as a separate base among the overall floors of that area.

These mezzanine floors are often low-ceiling areas and usually project in the form of a gallery or balcony, just like the galleries present in theaters and cinemas.

Typically mezzanines are built from solid steel structures and can be tailored to suit the setting of the building. Some of the key components of mezzanine floors are given below:

  • Primary beams are the main support of these floors, which stretch across the columns and space.
  • Purlins or joists are spanned between the fixing points and primary beams with the purpose of decking.
  • Columns are designed to support the primary beams, and the load bearings of these columns are distributed evenly among them to help uphold the mezzanine firmly.
  • Decking is generally the 38mm particle boards which are most commonly the fitted options. Although there are also other varieties, including plate, grating, concrete, composite decking, etc.

Benefits of mezzanine floors

There are so many other types of mezzanine or intermediate floors as well. But let’s unveil what the benefits of these floors are:

Mezzanine Floors Extend The Working Space

Some of the key advantages of a mezzanine floor are that it can help you double the existing working space without renting out or buying a whole new area to increase your work production within just one property.

Mezzanine Floor Plans Are interchangeable

Yes, you heard it right! Since these floors are designed to be adjusted between two primary floors of a building and are not a part of the actual floor plan, mezzanine floors can be modeled.


So to sum it all up, you can get your mezzanine floors designed if you have enough area and want to use it to its fullest to store some extra stuff or make it a temporary working place.

You can get your services done from one of the bests in the market, mezzanine floor solutions with Heighton Mezzanines, to get the best results.

Go and try now!

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