What Does a Trucks Entering Highway Sign Mean?

Trucks Highway Sign

In the array of professional-grade traffic signs available and seen on the road, those associated with commercial heavy traffic have a specific importance. They affect interstate commerce, economic dependencies on those cargo loads being delivered timely and, most importantly, a significant amount of safety on the road with the direction and movement of big rigs and large size commercial trucks. So, when warnings signs and advisory road traffic displays are provided for drivers’ information while traveling, everyone needs to pay attention. More often than not, large scale traffic accidents that involve 20 or more vehicles usually also involve a big rig. In many cases, the actual cause is not necessarily the truck driver him or herself. However, when a big rig goes down, it can wipe out every lane on a road in both directions and affect multiple vehicles at once.

Warning People of Big Size Vehicles on the Way

One of the key signs for everyone in a major traffic route to pay attention to is the “Trucks Entering and Leaving” sign. This label, specific for highway routes, is used the most often in areas where there is heavy construction on the highway or nearby with frequent traffic entering or exiting the route. It’s also a common sign one sees approach and passing truck stops, where again there is heavy traffic of larger commercial transports on a more frequent basis. That said, these are not the only locations. Rest stops, for example, can frequently use these signs as well. Factory locations as well as an increasing number of logistical centers next to major interstate routes are using them too. The main goal of the Trucks Entering and Leaving sign is to warn drivers of all types about the presence of the big rigs and the fact that their speed is going to be dramatically different from the rest of traffic, even when moving in the same direction. Given their size, nobody wants to suddenly be slamming the brakes from 70 mph to 20 mph coming up behind a big rig entering the highway.

Multiple Formats are Possible

Often fabricated in yellow warning sign formats with black borders and lettering or temporary orange signs with a similar black formatting, Trucks Entering and Leaving signs save lives and avoid catastrophic accidents on a regular basis, especially at night or when the weather is poor. The signs are available in multiple sizes, reflective materials, and with the permanent road signs typically in the same shape and sizing of regular road warning notices while the construction and temporary signs tend to be bigger and often have their own portable stands for placement, especially in areas where there is otherwise no structure for a signage location.

Significant Safety Benefits When Trucks Entering and Leavings Signs are Used

The benefits of using Trucks Entering and Exiting signs tends to be in the information implied by the warning when read by an oncoming driver. First, it makes people aware that big rig commercial size vehicles are potentially in the immediate area. And, most people after a few years of driving have a pretty good understanding that bigger vehicles take a precedence versus smaller ones. Second, awareness tends to make drivers operate proactively looking for potential risks. That increases the safety factor versus those coming into a situation without any knowledge of large vehicle possibilities coming up. Third, the signs can be very helpful in regulating and directing traffic away from the risk zones by encouraging folks to change into the other lanes of the highway that are not so impacted by trucks entering or leaving. Fourth, being reflective at night and in poor viewing conditions, Trucks Entering and Leavings signs also tend to slow down excessive speed traffic, which increases the safety of everyone on the road on the natural.

Watch Out for Poor Grade Signage Options

A common problem with poor quality signs, however, tends to be durability. These cheaper products often appear attractive because their price point tends to be significantly lower in competitive bidding. The bid postings tend to be met by companies that utilize cheaper, lower-grade fabrication materials, achieving an immediate satisfactory appearance but one that fails the durability test shortly after. Poor quality will quickly get eaten up by the elements, and that can begin to create unwanted safety risks on a municipality’s roads and highway routes. The sun and rain can be brutal on non-external paints and materials, stripping and fading their color quickly. Unfortunately, these cheaper products can look as good as the authentic, weather-resistant paints and sign boards, which can then be hard to tell on first appearance or cursory inspection. This is one of the primary reasons why government agencies should never offer and accept straight low-cost bids without any other bid grading criteria being included. You get what you pay for, unfortunately.

Experts in Sign Production for Municipalities

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries has been manufacturing road and highway signs for municipalities large and small with everything in between. With professional-grade signs matching the latest specs and requirements per the Model Uniform Traffic Code, Worksafe TCI signs are fully certified and match the full expectations of traffic advisories, national guidelines and expectations, and interstate commerce regulations as well.

Our products have been regularly used all over the Northeastern U.S., with a regular customer placement in states like Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Worksafe signage products are thoroughly tested and proven to withstand the elements of the Northeast as well as other locations of the U.S. with extensive durability performance for signage investments. We produce a 7-day turnaround on all orders if requested, we follow all necessary government vendor regulations, and we are a woman-owned certified business enterprise and venture.

Workforce TCI not only can produce your needs for Trucks Entering and Leaving signs, but we can also address your other traffic sign needs as well. Just give our specialists a call or email, and Worksafe TCI can begin developing your order well ahead of your next distribution and placement deadlines for your region and traffic routes.

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