What are the causes of adult hearing loss?

adult hearing loss

While many people do not want to admit it, many adults suffer from deteriorated hearing. The causes of this ailment are different. Some of them will disappear after appropriate treatment or over time, and others – unfortunately, there is no solution. Where do hearing problems come from?

Deterioration of hearing – an embarrassing ailment or a big trouble?

Initially, you may not even notice a hearing loss. First, we need to set the TV a little louder (but only by one level – it’s probably noise outside). Then more and more often we have to ask people around us to repeat something (they talk very fast!), And then it turns out that while talking to someone we are staring at the other person, almost trying to read the words from their mouth. Because actually – this is what we do. Unless the hearing loss is caused by an accident or inflammation, it is usually gradual. Therefore, this process may not be noticeable to the patient at first, and any signs of hearing impairment are sometimes ignored, as impaired hearing is considered a shame by many people.

Meanwhile, hearing loss affects many people to a greater or lesser extent. This can be influenced by a number of factors – both those over which we have real influence and those with which we can do little.

The causes of hearing loss in adults

If we are not talking about congenital hearing disorders that accompany a person from the day they are born, we can talk about many other factors that adversely affect the hearing organ. These include:

– disease/illness – viral, bacterial, or fungal infections very often lead to hearing loss. In most cases it is reversible with appropriate treatment;

– mechanical injury – when the eardrum is damaged (not only as a result of an accident but also, for example, by incorrect cleaning of the ears), the hearing also deteriorates;

– acoustic background – hearing impairment due to prolonged exposure to too loud sound occurs, for example, when we stand right next to the loudspeakers during a concert, and also when we often wear headphones and listen to our favorite songs too loud;

– drug poisoning – multi-drug poisoning (for example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, quinine, etc.) can lead to hearing loss.

There are many more causes of hearing loss, and a hearing test frequency can help in diagnose them.

How to test your hearing?

It is worth listening carefully to your body. While many adults are reluctant to admit to themselves that something is wrong, hearing problems are easily remedied and are not the least of any shame. Some causes of hearing loss are fully reversible, while others can be dealt with, for example, with a hearing aid. It is enough to perform a hearing frequency test, which will determine the degree of the loss and diagnose the underlying problem.

Remember that good hearing is not only about communication comfort but also about safety. After all, it is thanks to the ears that we can hear the suspicious sound coming from the kitchen or not get under the wheels of a car speeding down the street. If you want to prevent hearing loss in your children then you must visit the website

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