What Are the Best Things to Do in Singapore Over Weekend?

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If you are in Singapore as an ex-pat or experiencing a globe trotter’s phase, then the place has ample fun activities for you. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or with your family. There are scenic tourist site attractions to check out and have a good time.

Are you searching for fun things to do in Singapore? If yes, the following options are meant for you:

  1. Explore the Night Safari

Do you love to explore a city or any site by night? If yes, you should add the Night Safari in your to-do list over the weekend. The safari helps you explore through a wide range of animals that you can explore by night. You can hear the shrill sound of the crickets and frogs as you explore. There are many types of cats and other wildlife that you get to see. Additionally, you can stroll around the jungle along with your guide, which adds to the thrill. The highlight of this safari is the full range of wildlife and a Balinese touch that’s evident.

  1. Check out the Singapore flyer

Treat your vision with striking and scenic views of the city from an altitude, when you explore the Singapore Flyer. You can gaze at other tourist spots such as Merlin Tower and Gardens by the Bay of the city. Most of them are vividly visible. If you are traveling with your family, ensure that you can add this to your must-see bucket list. It’s a high vantage point for you to click spectacular photographs of the city.

  1. Take a ride at the Skyline Luge Sentosa

A luge created in Sentosa helps you experience the Dragon Trail, Jungle Trail, Expedition Trail, and the Kupu Trail. And as you explore these trails, you can experience the thrill of exploring the natural bounties. It’s an adventure-packed expedition. That aside, you can also check out the Tiger Tower and other city attractions. You can ride the jungle-trail and the luge, which is akin to a cable car like a ride.

  1. Opt-in for Zip-lining at the Sentosa Island

If you’re one who seeks the adrenaline rush, then this activity is meant for you! You can experience Sentosa Island’s ziplining and feel like Tarzan himself. You can also explore the greenery around, which adds pleasantness to the thrill of zip-lining. There’s the Island Resort, which features several city attractions that you can look at while ziplining over the 450 m long cable.

  1. Sentosa Island cable car ride

Allow yourself to experience the aerial ropeway in the city that enables you to gaze at some brilliant landscapes and city attractions. You can have a bird’s eye view of the entire cityand add a brand-new dimension to the scenic city views. There’s a gondola that can accommodate 4 to 12 people, which you can add to your list. Riding this gondola should be a must-do activity, whether you are traveling alone or with your family.

These are the five fun things to do in Singapore. There are several others as well that you can check out and add to your list. Choose the ones that mean maximum fun and adventure for you.

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