Utah Is Among the Best States to Live, and Here Are the Top 5 Towns

Utah Is Among the Best States to Live, and Here Are the Top 5 Towns 1

Residents of Utah have known for generations that the Beehive State is possibly the best place to live in the Unites States. Truthfully, the secret has been out a little while; Utah’s population growth is the highest in the U.S. during the last decade, thanks to an amazing abundance of outdoor activity, an agreeable climate, a family-friendly culture and a very strong economy.

Of course, where you live in Utah will significantly impact your experience. Some things consider before choosing a new area include

  • What jobs can you get?
  • Do you want a more urban or rural environment?
  • How are their schools?
  • What recreational opportunities are you looking for?

Your answers will impact how different areas might appeal to you personally. For instance, those seeking the conveniences and culture of a city might not enjoy living in the heart of Utah’s many national forests and monuments, while die-hard outdoor enthusiasts might want to live far away from city life. However, some places do stand out in a variety of criteria, so here’s Utah’s top 5 towns to live within easy commuting distance of Salt Lake City that offer a perfect balance between suburban life and outdoor recreation, in ascending order.

  1. Snyderville

Snyderville is an easy commute to Salt Lake City along Interstate 80. Offering some of the best public schools, a strong community atmosphere and very affordable housing, this town of around 6,000 people appeals to a lot of especially Millennial-aged professionals.

  1. Summit Park

Just west of Snyderville, Summit Park is somewhat closer to Salk Lake City and offers stellar views, a nice suburban feel, close communities and the top-rated public schools in Utah. The one negative is that housing is less affordable, mostly because so many people want to move there.

  1. Fruit Heights

North of Salt Lake City is Fruit Heights, near Thurston Peak. It’s both accessible and affordable, has excellent public schools and incredible recreational opportunities.

  1. Park City

Park city is consistently rated one of the highest quality-of-life places to live in America. With amazing ski resorts and outstanding public schools, it’s heavily desired. However, housing is consequently not especially affordable.

  1. Eagle Mountain

Even the best realtor Eagle Mountain has to offer has been keeping this secret! Yet, it stands out as the overall winner of best places to live in Utah – a true hidden gem. It offers a perfect balance of great public schools, good nightlife and affordable housing. It has amazing opportunities for stargazing due to low light and air pollution, and Facebook is building a high-tech data center there, creating new information technology jobs. It’s also safer than 89% of U.S. cities and retains its small-town feel.

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