Using CBD Oil As Part Of Your Fitness Regime

Using CBD Oil As Part Of Your Fitness Regime
Fitness Benefits of CBD Oil

62 million Americans go to the gym and work out regularly. When you exercise, having both a good warm up and cool down routine is essential so that you don’t strain your muscles. You can use CBD oil as part of your fitness regime to help cut down aches and pains, and also to help tired muscles recover quickly. Research published in the European Journal of Pain found that when CBD oil is applied directly to the skin, it reduces inflammation and lowers pain – perfect for after exercise.

What exactly is CBD oil? 

Using CBD Oil As Part Of Your Fitness Regime 1

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many chemical compounds that you can find in cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana. Although it has a similar arrangement of atoms as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD will not get you high. It only contains trace amounts of THC, and some CBD oils contain none at all. CBD is legal to purchase, and can be found in many different products, including oils, tinctures, capsules, gummies, balms, cocktails and even cookies. You don’t need to buy it from your pharmacist: it is readily available in stores and online. CBD is often used by professional athletes, and is effective when taken orally or massaged onto the skin. You only need to take a few drops of CBD oil if you’re taking it as a tincture – you just put them under your tongue.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD oil inhibits neuropathic and inflammatory pain. 132 different studies that were published in Frontiers in Neurology found that CBD is an antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. This can be extremely beneficial both before and after exercise. CBD oil has also been shown to reduce blood pressure – that means that you will be able to exercise for longer – it is like having a stamina boost. Even if you exercise regularly and make an effort to cool down, there will still be days when you find that you ache or feel sore. CBD oil can help by reducing the symptoms of pain and help your muscles to recover.

Incorporating CBD into your fitness regime

If you are going to the gym or exercising every day, then it is a good idea to take a CBD supplement every morning. This will give you an ongoing benefit. You could also take a sublingual tincture with breakfast, or even use a CBD patch to get a slow-release throughout the day. If you are playing team sports, or get anxious about your sporting performance, then CBD oil can also help with this. When you have finished exercising, use an all-purpose CBD oil to massage your muscles – this will have a quick effect on reducing inflammation so that your body can recover quickly.CBD oil is a natural supplement that is suitable to use on a daily basis. If you are exercising regularly, it can be really beneficial to help your body, easing sore muscles and helping you to feel good after your workout session.

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